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Your Path to Transition - Piers Clement

What is Transition?

"Transition" is the name used by Piers to describe the end point of a spiritual journey.

To be more specific than that would be to limit the possibilities. But something like "Transcending the limits of our ordinary personal consciousness to enter a higher, transpersonal realm of union with the Eternal and with all living beings", whilst not being a definition, gives some idea of the area we're working in.

What are the paths to Transition?

There are as many paths to Transition as there are individuals making the journey. The first step on a path is to recognize that there is a journey and that it is a worthwhile goal, perhaps the only ultimate goal. After that it is in most cases not too difficult to determine whether a particular activity or situation lies on your personal path, whether it stands in the way of your journey to Transition, or whether it is neutral in this respect.

What is the purpose of this site?

The structure of this site is open-ended; it is not intended only to represent the Piers view on the matter of the journey to Transition, but more to be a forum in which ideas can be shared on this subject. So, your comments are especially welcome. See About for details about Piers, the site and how to contact Piers..

What is the Piers view?

The Piers view is also under development - how could it be otherwise? Here and there on the site, links to the "Piers view" signpost the way to an already written essay on some aspect of the subject under discussion.

The Piers mission statement gives a more specific description of goals and intentions.

What else is going on here?

Bookshop - a choice of reading matter on related themes

Concert Hall - a collection of favourite CDs

Favourites - links relevant to the Path or otherwise interesting

Anthology - memorable quotes long and short

Studio - essays by Piers and others on a variety of subjects. Some Dutch texts / enige Nederlandse teksten

Axioms of Piers Clement - revelations during an altered state of consciousness in March 1995

Glossary - abbreviations and concepts connected directly or indirectly with the journey to Transition: inspiring, image breaking or simply confrontational

Gallery - biographies of inspired and/or inspiring people

What's new since I was last here?

The History shows recent updates with the newest first.

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