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Itinerary: Machu Picchu Trips

Machu Picchu Trips Day 1: Cusco – Piscacucho (Km. 82) - Wayllabamba

Our tour begins very early in the morning, where our bus will pick you up at your hotel and drop us off at the start of the hike, Piscacucho (km.82). We will arrive at 10:00 am so we can meet all of the people who will be accompanying us on this journey. We will start the hike at an altitude of 2550 meters above sea level where we have a very important checkpoint that requires us to show our original passports as it is one of the Historic Sanctuary of Machupicchu’s regulations. We expect to walk on our first day approximately 6 hours (12 kilometers). Along the way we will view two archaeological sites (Canabamba and Llaqtata). Afterwards we will reach our first campsite, Wayllabamba where we will spend the night and recover our energy for the next day.

Machu Picchu Trips Day 2: Wayllabamba – Warmihuañusca - Pacaymayu

Our second day we will wake up very early, and after a hearty breakfast we will depart at approximately 7:30 a.m. This is the day that is considered the toughest one of the entire Inca Trail where we will climb 7 km in 5 hours at a normal speed. Throughout the climb we will cross a forest of native trees (a small microclimate) where we will make some stops to rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We will arrive at the highest peak of the Inca trail which is called open to Warmihuañusca (Dead Woman's Pass), where we can see one of the few plants that grow at this altitude, the straw or ichu. This is the only day when we will have no archaeological complex, where we will concentrate more on walking. It is advisable to carry sweets, chocolates and coca leaves to maintain a high level of sugar in the body and prevent altitude sickness. After the pass, we will descend for about two hours into the valley of Pacaymayu (3600 meters above sea level) where we will find our highest camp on the Inca Trail.

Machu Picchu Trips Day 3: Pacaymayu – Phuyupatamarca - Wiñaywayna

This day will be when we visit various archaeological sites which means we need to wake up early to have time to enjoy each of these archaeological sites and if the weather is in our favor, we can have a panoramic view of this beautiful setting. Our first archeological complex will be Runcuracay located at 3,700 meters above sea level. We then continue to Sayacmarka another archaeological complex, and then continuing along the cloudy forest through a colorful collection of different orchids, bromeliads, mosses and ferns, we reach our resting place (Phuyupatamarca) to eat our food (the third step). Afterwards we continue our hike to Wiñaywayna, 2,690 meters above sea level located in the jungle where we will be welcomed by our support team in our third camp. This campsite has some facilities such as hot showers, electricity, restaurant, etc.

Machu Picchu Trips Day 4: Wiñaywayna – Machupicchu - Cusco

Wake up time will be at approximately 4:00 am. Breakfast is taken very early since our objective is to see Machupicchu with very few people. It is about a two hour walk or 6-km to Machupicchu where prior to arriving we will see the Puerta del Sol or Inti Punku. With any luck we will see the sunrise before continuing down until we reach a point where we will have a panoramic view of the citadel of Machupicchu. After this wonderful view we will have our guided tour of this magical place which is full of energy and culture, by our guide who accompanied us throughout the Inca Trail. We will visit three sectors of which the principal one is the religious sector where we find: the Plazas, the sacred fountains, the Towers. The others are the Agricultural Sector and Urban Development, where we will visit the many steps and different places.


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