I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Jewel and this is my sewing room.
     Chances are you have found your way here from the web address on my business card  and are considering having me do some work for you. In that case, you may want to know a little about my qualifications.
     I have been sewing since I was about seven years old. I started out making doll clothes and, after a number of years, graduated to making simple clothes for myself. I really enjoyed experimenting with scrap fabric on a large fashion doll that I had.
     It wasn't long before I was making my own clothes and, later started sewing for other people, making clothing and learning to do alterations.
     Over the years I have had many wonderful opportunities to learn a variety of skills in this field and I believe I will never stop learning. There is always some new technique or approach waiting around the corner. I hope I can be around long enough to try them all!
            Besides sewing in my home, I have worked in a few men's stores, a clothing outlet for men and women, a custom shop, a window treatment shop and, for the last two years, The Bridal Boutique.
     Sewing for bridal parties wasn't new to me when I started at the Bridal Boutique but, in the time employed there, I have developed my skills with womens formal wear and have gotten over my timidity when it comes to working with delicate fabrics. I now appreciate the challenge of satins, chiffons, beads and invisible zippers!  Mostly, I  enjoy the end result of working with the customer and sharing their vision of what their special day is to them and helping them make it happen!
       I have to admit that some of this work can be a bit stressful so, of course, I have an outlet for that stress. I like to sew.
       I really enjoy sewing for my family, especially the grandchildren. The younger boys sometimes like to dress in costumes when  they play. It's always Halloween at my daughter's house and always fun for grandma.
     I also like to dress dolls. I have a small collection and some of them I purchase strictly to dress. I have also clothed a number of antique dolls for a collector friend of mine.  My favorite doll these days is three years old and the first grandaughter after five grandsons.  I hope to be sewing for her for a long time to come!
     I don't 'do' crafts as a rule , but there are a number of things that involve fabrics that I do for "fun", including quilts and wreaths.
     I have had the opportunity to do a couple  Memory Quilts for customers. I had so much fun that I made one as a gift.
     If it involves fabric, I will most likely have my hands in it whether it is what I do for a living or for fun, or, as I like to call it.......'therapy'.
     I would like to share some of my work and creations with you in the following pages.
     I would also like to share some information and links related to bridal wear that I have gathered for references. There is so much to know concerning styles, fit and wearing options and I wish not only to learn but, to pass on whatever I find.
     I hope to be adding to this site regularly, so please stop by again.
     I would also like to invite you to view my other site. It is the one that got me on the computer in the first place.
PJs Planet 2000 if you, or anyone you know, is looking for information on Autism, you may find something there of interest either from our experiences or through the links and resources  page.

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