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I have been consciously doing my work since 1988 when I became aware that I had gifts.  Before that, I had no clue that what I did everyone else didn't do or see or hear or feel.  I now have titles for some of these gifts if that helps anyone. 

I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, medical intuitive, medium (as in communicate with those who have left their bodies, i.e. ghosts), do automatic writing, I clear homes, property, possessions and people.  I am a T'ai Chi Chuh teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher.  I have worked with abductees.  I am a healer and over the course of the years have found that healing takes many forms.  When I first began doing healing I thought hands on was the only way. I now find that removing ghosts, etc. and sending them home is also healing not only for the people involved by for the Earth as well.

Archangel Michael is my patron.  He is who I call upon to protect me at all times.  I also call upon other Archangels for their assistance in any type of healings.  I teach how to work with energies, how to ground, how to protect yourself and your families.  I also teach by asking questions of you and work on the areas that you feel are troubling, confusing or confounding you.


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