DogseyesrolluptreatmentInsert logo hereTreatment for dogs with eyes rolled up
Simple treatment for dogs whose eyes are rolling up.
My one year old Bernese Mountain dog suddenly rolled his eyes up and out. The eyelids also drooped. He was otherwise strong, fit and healthy. The episodes came and went, 3 to 4 times a day lasting an hour or so. No seizures, no weakness other than the eyes.

There are many postings on the internet about similar episodes with other dogs with no definitive treatment. A neighbor told me of a friend who had treated several dogs by increasing the fat content of the dog's diet. Her experience was that the dogs(4 or 5) improved over several days. I tried this with my dog(I gave my dog a tablespoon of butter with a human multivitamin twice a day) My dog improved in 12 hours and was more or less normal in 2 days. I did a search on the net and there is nothing in the vet literature about this. I went to a dog neurologist and she had no knowledge of this condition and treatment. I think it is an unrecognized syndrome.

There are other conditions which would be similar and serious, tumors and infections etc., so please do not delay seeing your vet but also give your pet this harmless treatment.

The origin of the treatment started with knowledge of low fat diets in children leading to brain abnormalities recognized by pediatricians. This prompted my friend to try this treatment of increasing the fat in her dog's diet. Perhaps it works because of the fat soluble vitamins(a, d , e and k) need fat in the intestines in order to be absorbed.

Read about this at children's hospital of seattle at

Anyway I am posting this info the help other dog owners. Please share your experience in treating your dogs with me. If this treatment is successful in more than the 5 dogs treated so far, I will will share this info with my dog neurologist and attempt have it studied and published so that vets everywhere will know about it.


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