Denver, Tiggertown and Huntington Railroad, 2000-2002

New images and videos for 2002  - Click here to see the new additions to the Railroad

Now you can view and hear the sounds and images of the DT&H RR online.  Just follow the directions below to view the many parts of the railroad.  Video clips are also available online to hear the sounds and see some of the real railroad action that takes place every summer.  The layout is never complete and next year I hope to expand it and make it even more pleasing to the eye and ear. 

There is a complete photo album of over 100 various shots of the layout.  

Details and specifications of the layout are also posted and being updated all the time with information you ask for.

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Movie Clips

Hit here to see a view movie clips of our trains..

Click on the different areas of the train layout to see a close up image of that area. There are more than 15 different angles of the layout which you can view directly from this main page.  Place your mouse over the various areas of the layout and click.  Your browser will display a photo of that particular region of the layout.

Photo Album

Click on the various area of the train layout or the photo album to see the many snap shots.


bulletLayout is 14' x 16' in size
bulletThe layout is named the Denver, Tiggertown & Huntington Railway.  Denver is the main station of this railroad
bulletTwo different railroads merge in Denver, the Santa Fe on a route north of its main line and the Rio Grande.  
bulletTrains are G scale
bulletAll locomotives are manufactured by LGB of Germany
bulletRolling stock are manufactured by LGB and USA trains
bulletAll buildings are made of plastic and constructed by hand from kits.

More Details

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