Oils by Dave
This a web page to introduce you to the wonderful paintings l have and l hope that you enjoy them and maybe even purchase one or order a special painting for yourself or a loved one.
Brrr its cold out here, buy us and take us home
It is Christmas all year round, Shop for next Christmas early
Snow friend 
The Nutcracker
was a happy Christmas painting after the play
Bondage is this one's name because sometimes it seems like we're trapped but really aren't
The Village Well 
Dancing on the Beach
This is  a special Friend
Jessica's Horse
Bahamas Night
Jenni calls for the cows
San Antonio River walk
Bringing home the water
"Is that were it comes from?" is for all my vegitarian friends.
'Waiting for Sunset"
"Just one more Blue-gill" is  beautiful and for sale. Just like all the paintings that don't have sold on them. $45
This is a nice peaceful painting Sold
"Green Path"
A real cool article that was in the newspaper
Statues by Dave- some of my statues
My Email Address to order some paintings or to leave comments.
My old web pages,try it, they may still be up.
"I Love to Dance"
my art for sale page, the latest and greatest
Angel Frequency
My Online Shop
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