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This page tracks all major changes to the "You're Under Arrest!" section of this site that are made after April 15, 2002. (The legal statement at the bottom of each page will also list when the page was last revised, but here is where you'll find the details.)

So, if you're a return visitor, check the list below to see if anything has changed since you were last here!

• July 13, 2006: Added Ocean Liner statististics to the "Generic Vehicles" page.

• December 29, 2003: Added Bicycle statististics to the "Generic Vehicles" page.

• November 29, 2003: Added "Grouch" to the "New Attributes and Defects" page.

• Steptember 10, 2003: Added Snowmobile statististics to the "Generic Vehicles" page. Added new links on the "Arresting Links" page.

• January 1, 2003: Added "Poor" and "Shy" to the "New Attributes and Defects" page.

• July 30, 2002: Established "The 704 Bandit and the Panties Collector" page, established new "Generic Vehicles" page.

• July 5, 2002: Established "Standard Issue Police Gear" page, under the "Misc. Material" section.

• July 3, 2002: Added Jet, Civilian Passenger/Cargo to "Generic Aircraft." Made minor adjustment to the statistics for the Aircraft, Single Propeller on the same page.

• June 25, 2002: Added a brief summary of all the most important mechanics involved with BESM game play, linked from front page and "Misc. Material".

• June 12, 2002: Added Jet Ski to "Generic Vehicles." Made corrections to "The Fox's ERA Mini" page.

• May 6, 2002: Established "The Fox's ERA Mini" and "The Strikemobile" pages.

• May 2, 2002: Revised "Strikeman" entry. Established "Christy Love" page.

• May 1, 2002: Added "Car, Passenger" and "Limousine" to the "Generic Vehicles" page. Established "The Miyuki Special" page.

• April 22, 2002: Established "Yuriko and Aoi" and "Natsumi's Scooter" pages.

• April 19, 2002: Corrected errors in Natsumi's write up. (Let's hear it for math skills...) Established "Dad and the Fox" and "Typhoon Racer and Strikeman" pages.

• April 16, 2002: Added "Sports Car" stats on the "Generic Vehicles" page. Established "Generic Aircraft" page.

• April 15, 2002: Added "Patrol Car, City" stats on the "Generic Vehicles" page. Established "Miyuki and Natsumi's Patrol Car" page. Added "Skill Use in BESM" section to "Misc" page Created the "Updates" page.

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