Big Eyes, Small Mouth: You're Under Arrest!

All characters and vehicle statistics were created using the rules in “Big Eyes, Small Mouth Second Edition.” Skill point costs follow the values suggested for the  “Hotrods and Guns” genre. While there may not be much Boom in the either the manga or the anime episodes, there is plenty Vroom!

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Miyuki and Natsumi

Ken and the Captain

Yuriko and Aoi

Dad and the Fox

Typhoon Racer and Strikeman

The 704 Bandit and the Panties Collector

Christy Love


The Today Patrol Car

The Miyuki Special

Natsumi's Scooter

The Motorized Skateboard

Ken's Patrol Cycle

The Fox's ERA Mini

The Strikemobile

Generic Vehicles

New Rules

New Attributes

New Defects

Misc. Materials

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