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It’s been said that writing is a lonely business/hobby/pastime/obsession. Well, when writers play the game of Round Robin, it becomes a tiny bit less loney. One author writes a chapter, then another steps in to continue the story! In most cases there’s a different author for each chapter, and the story can go in directions that the previous writer never imagined!

The Fiction Archive begins each new Round Robin by posting a chapter written either by an established author, or by someone who has previously contributed to the Fiction Archive. Then you, the creative readers of the Fiction Archive, take over and write the next chapter. Steve Miller will choose the most creative (and logical) entry and publish it online, here in the Fiction Archive section for active Round Robins. Then, after seven or nine chapters, either Steve or the author who started the Round Robin will close the story with an exciting ending. The resulting serial will be stored in its entirely in the “Original Fiction” part of the archive.

Consult our submission guidelines, and keep an eye out for announcements of when a series is open for new contributors.

Current Round-Robins

Series #1: The Shadow of Li Po (Genre: Horror/Suspense)

Mary Wellington travels to the isolated hamlet of Danielsport, hoping to start a new life. Instead, she finds herself in a situation that may end her life.

This Round-Robin was started by Kate Novak, novelist and short story writer. Among Kate's credits are contributions to the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance lines.

Chapter One by Kate Novak * Chapter Two by Kate Novak * Chapter Three by James Dalton & John Grubber *
Chapter Four by John Grubber & James Dalton * Chapter Five by Greg Netcher * Chapter Six by Greg Netcher

Do you have an idea about what comes next? You could be the author of the next chapter!
Submit your Chapter Seven and be part of the round-robin writing game!

Consult the submission guidelines and send us your work!


Series #2: Deadwalkers (Genre: Horror/Suspense)

Monstrous humanoids are butchering organized crime figures across the city. Who and what is behind the carnage?

This series was started by L.L. Hundal. She has been Steve Miller’s partner in crime on a number of writing projects, including several of the NUELOW games. This is her first attempt at horror fiction.

Chapter One by L.L. Hundal



Special Series: Anthyl's Game (Genre: Fantasy)

A mysterious traveler come seeking players for what he claims is the greatest game of all time.
Will anyone survive to learn the secret of Anthyl's Game?
Created by Greg Netcher, "Anthyl's Game" is an open-ended, monthly series in the Fiction Archive.
Contributions welcome!

The Beginning: By Greg Netcher and Steve Miller * Jamin's Turn: By Greg Netcher and Steve Miller

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