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"Mech Hunter" by Todd Lockwood

When Wizards of the Coast launched D&D Third Edition, they decided to throw open the game system to small publishers, fans, and wanna-be big-shot game designers alike. Under the auspices of the "D20 System" idea, the core mechanics of the D&D system have become a sort of "open source"-type deal. Now, we can all create for any genre using the rules we all know!

This area of my web site is devoted to my small attempt at playing in this brave new sandbox. Initially, I'll be doing things that I could have done even back in the Old TSR days, but I hope that eventually I hope that D20 Tools will play host to something far more elaborate than just NPCs and new rules snippits. I hope some of you out there will submit something... I'd hate to make these pages just the Steve Miller Show! (I already see plenty of my stuff in print.)

For purposes of adhering to the spirit and letter of the Open Gaming Lisence, all the stat blocks and rules material (such as feats, skills, and so on) that appears in the various sections of D20 Tools are considered Open Gaming Content. All descriptive text, character names, original setting material, and so on, remain the intellectual property of the credited creators. For details on the license governing these pages, click here.

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