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Mundane Fantasy

Shepherd's Crook
This staff is used by shepherds to guide the flock, or to place them back in the fold. Usually it bears a small cow bell to announce one's arrival. It can also serve as a weapon, and when used as such it is considered a bludgeoning exotic melee weapon. On first glance it is similar to a quarterstaff, just about 7' long, with a bent or crooked form much like a fishing hook. It is usually fashioned from a light wood which is harder than most woods. In some religions, it is beared by a bishop during most ceremonies, and is symbolic with the shepherd leading his flock to new lands.
A crook is a double weapon. A character can fight with it as if using two weapons, but if you do, you incur all the normal attack penalties associated with fighting with two weapons as if you are using a one-handed weapon and a light weapon (see Attacking with Two Weapons, PHBp124). A character using a double weapon in one hand, such as a Large creature using a crook, can't use it as a double weapon. It does 1d6-1d6/x2, weights 3-4lbs, and can be used to make either various grappling attacks or simply to trip. If a character is tripped during his or her own trip attempt, the crook can be dropped to avoid being tripped.
(By Mario "Mortheb" Boulanger)

Magical Fantasy



Stun Staff (Simple weapon)
Stun staffs come in three sizes—Small, Medium, and Large. They are melee weapons that feature a powerpack and a tip capable of delivering a strong electrical charge. The wielder can deactivate or activate the electrical charge if he or she chooses as a free action. Each stun staff takes a powerpack appropriate to its size and can deliver 50 charges before the powerpack must be replaced. The charge is able to stun or render unconscious most beings, if the damage inflicted by the blow is not enough in itself to do so. The Another benefit to these weapons is that most androids (and even computer systems) are particularly vulnerable to the charges delivered by these weapons; lucky blows have been known to completely scramble an android’s circuitry, thus requiring major repairs before it can once again operate normally.

The small stun staff is the size of a club. It is easily concealable inside a jacket and is a popular weapon with alley-bashers, slavers, pressgang-operators, and organ harvesters on the prowl for victims; more often than not, they are able to stun victims without causing any serious physical harm. Characters struck must roll a successful DC15 Fort Save to resist going unconscious for 1d6+1 minutes, less the character’s CON bonus in minutes. (Minimum 1 minute.) Androids must roll a successful DC 15 System Disruption Check or remain inactive until repaired (DC10 Repair roll). Base damage is 1d6. Strength bonuses are added to damage.

The medium stun staff is often found in the arsenal of law enforcement officials. It is a widely used crowd control device on many worlds. Generally made from lighter materials than a club, it inflicts a similar amount of physical damage, but delivers a more severe charge.
Characters struck must roll a successful DC18 Fort Save to resist falling unconscious for 2d6+1 minutes, less the character’s CON bonus in minutes. (Minimum 1 minute.) Androids must roll a successful DC 20 System Disruption Check or remain inactive until repaired (DC15 Repair roll, plus 1d60 credits in replacement circuits.). Base damage is 1d6.

The large stuff staff is at least 1 meters or more in length and cannot be concealed except under the most voluminous of long coats. Few who wield these weapons have any interest in hiding them however; they have long been a hallmark through the galaxy of martial artists and bounty hunters who enjoy getting into melee combat with their foes. The large stun staff is also becoming a popular weapon among the followers of Daya Droidslayer, an anti-AI crusader whose signature weapon is a unique stun staff that she manufactured herself. (Daya’s stun staff is made of lighter materials than most large stun staffs, so it inflicts damage as a medium stun staff but delivers the electrical charge of a large stun staff… unless she uses her unique mental abilities to boost the harm it causes to surprising and deadly levels.) Her followers rely on more conventional weaponry, and so they carry the standard large stun staff.
Large stun staffs are double weapons and both ends are capable of delivering electrical charges. Wielders can treat them as if they are fighting with two weapons, but if they do, they incur the attack penalties as if they were fighting two-handed with a one medium melee weapon in one hand and a light melee weapon in the other weapon. (See "Attacking With Two Weapons" on page 138 of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game.)
Characters struck must roll a successful DC22 Fort Save to resist falling unconscious for 3d6+1 minutes, less the character’s CON bonus in minutes. (Minimum two minutes.) Androids must roll a successful DC 25 System Disruption Check or remain inactive until repaired (DC20 Repair roll, plus 2d60 credits in replacement circuits.). Base damage is 1d6+1/1d6+1.
(By Steve Miller)

Thin Suits
These suits are jet-black outfits that are specifically tailored to fit a single individual. The suit itself and the sophisticated electronic components that are built into it are so precisely tuned and the suit itself so precisely fit that if a wearer gains or loses so much as three or four pounds, they must be fitted for a new suit. It cannot be worn over other clothing but instead fits the wearer as a second skin. Most crew members wear their thin suits while they are on duty, but tend to remove them when they aren’t. A few individuals, however, may wear them constantly, or the captain may order this to be done in rough weather or while visiting a dangerous port, as the suits have a number of safety features built in.

Originally developed for military purposes, the thin suits have been adapted for civilian use by the world’s fishing fleet, serving as the core elements of manual cargo loaders and diving suits. The electronics allow for cybernetic linking between the wearer of the thin suit and cargo loaders and diving suits, allowing the heavy gear to perform as if it was a natural extension of him or her. Some ships are even outfitted to allow the captain and helmsman to interface with the guidance systems via their thin suits. In addition, a thin suit constantly transmits telemetry to the ship’s medical bay and security computers that details the wearer’s blood pressure, body temperature, EKG readings, and location, so long as they are within 2km of the ship.

Finally, the thin suits are made from highly durable material. The offer the wearer limited protection from blunt, impact, and energy damage, as well as extreme heat and cold. (The wearer enjoys a 2 point damage reduction from any of those sources, as well as enjoying a +4 to Fort saves to resist extreme temperatures.)
(By Steve Miller)

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