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Brother Eoden the Unsteady

Brother Eoden, Male Human, Cleric 3: SZ M (6'2’’); IM: 0; Armor Class: 12 (Leather armor); Hit Points: 22; Speed: 30"; Base Attack Bonus +2; SQ standard cleric abilities, spells, spell miscasting, aura of confidence; SV Fort +5, Reflex +2, Will +3; AL CG. Strength 12 (+1), Dexterity 11 (0), Constitution 13 (+1), Intelligence 13 (+1), Wisdom 10 (0), Charisma 6 (-2); AL Neutral Good.

SKILLS: Concentration +3, Knowledge (Religion) +3, Listen +5 (cc), Ride +1 (cc), Spot +6 (cc), Swim +2 (cc), Wilderness Lore +2.

FEATS: Alertness, Run, and Street Life (+1 to both Fortitude and Reflex saving throws).

SPELLS: Spell Domains: Good (+1 level of effectiveness with good spells) and Travel (For a total of 1 round per cleric level per day, Eoden can act normally regardless of magical effects that impede movement. Wilderness Lore is a class skill). Zero level: Virtue, Guidance, Create Water and Light. First level: Protection from Evil (good spell), Remove Fear and Sanctuary. Second level: Locate Object and Aid (good spell).

 Spell Miscasting (Ex): When under pressure, Eoden’s lack of self-esteem causes him to doubt his own abilities. Depending of the seriousness of the situation he receives a chance of spell failure ranging from 10% in mildly important moments to as far as 40% in moments of severe stress. This penalty also applies when he tries to turn undeads.

Aura of Confidence (Ex): In some rare instance, Eoden’s feels perfectly at ease, usually this is when he is alone with orphans, poor or old persons who genuinely need his help and are unjustly suffering some sort of ailment. When this happen he’s able to sense the distress of these people and he reacts to it with the distinct and clear thought that he is there to comfort them and ease their burden. It is so strong a belief that it alleviates all his doubts and his fears. When this happen he projects some sort of aura of confidence that gives him a bonus of +10 to his charisma, he becomes quite a good orator, giving hope and courage to those present, and his spells works just fine.

EQUIPMENT: Eoden wears leather armor, a modest traveler’s outfit, his deity’s holy symbol and his purse. His quarterstaff is mainly used as walking staff but he does know how to use it in battle. The rest of his possessions: a small tent, some blankets, his bedroll, his prayer book, flint and steel, a vial of writing ink and a quill, a scroll case with blank parchment sheets, a hooded lantern with some oil and food are transported by his traveling companion, Picotin the donkey.

BACKGROUND: Eoden was an orphaned when he was only 8 years old. For a time he found refuges among the poor of his native city trying to survive as best as he could, even resolving to thieving when no other options remained. His not so long roguish career came dramatically to an end when he tried to steal from a wealthy merchant that revealed to be a powerful and cold-hearted wizard. The abuses he suffered by his hands are much responsible for his lack of confidence today. Emotional scares still remain now and he came to distrust wizardry and sorcery for all the pain they can cause. Some days later he was found barely alive, lying in a backward alley of the city.

By a twist of fate an elderly wandering priest was led to find him. The pious man took pity on the poor boy and decided to raise him in the light of the Faith. Eoden was hardly meant to become a cleric, his lack of self-esteem made difficult for him to master even the simplest of orisons. But by virtue of humility and patience he did manage to accomplish the deed.

He traveled far and wide with his mentor until the venerable priest died of old age. Now Eoden’s ambition (if the term can apply) is simply to settle in one of his deity’s monastery where he could live a life a meditation while tending to the gardens. But it is not to happen anytime soon, each times there seems to be an opportunity for him to do so, he is unwillingly plunged in the middle of an intrigue that invariably leads him away of his goal.

PERSONALITY: Eoden is an unlikely hero, thrown into a life of adventuring by destiny at an early age. This man is characterized by a complete lack of self-confidence. This trait usually becomes evident at the worst moments possible. He is shy and sometime has difficulties to hold his ground in a conversation. Not much of a spell caster, he is known to miscast some of them while under pressure and he’s not much of a healer either.

For all his faults he does have redeeming qualities that do make him an able cleric and effective adventurer. Chief among them is his heart of gold. Inspired by the attitude of his former mentor, Eoden is a generous man, humble and always willing to come to the help of good folks genuinely in needs, particularly orphans whom he thinks deserve the chance he received for a better life. When he receives money he keeps only what he needs to sustain himself and his donkey, the rest he gives to charitable institutions. He does so of his own free will as he is not bounded by any vow of poverty. His early years on the street also taught him to be vigilant. His senses are keen and well developed, he often spot details unlooked by others and his good hearing sometime helped him to discover ambushes and other traps before it was too late. It also allows him to focus on a distant conversation when in a crowded room. Allied with a fairly good intelligence it makes him a potent investigator, which can be of great assistance to a party of adventurers, if they can first give him a measure of self-esteem to reassure him of his worth of course.

Brother Eoden is an original character created by Marc-André Bédard for the D20 Tools NPC Design Contest #1. The stat block and special qualities are defined Open Gaming Content. All other text in this entry and the description of Brother Eoden is Copyright © 2001 Marc-André Bédard. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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Aeon Flux, Female Human, Soldier 1/Sscout 2/Scoundrel 10: Init +4 (+4 Dex); Defense 29 (+4 Dex, +15 class); Spd 10m; VP/WP 59/12; Atk +9/+4 melee (1d3+1,punch, or by weapon), +13/+8/+3 ranged (Flux Universal Gun); SQ Trailblaizing, Illicit Barter, Better Lucky Than Good, Sneak Attack +2d6; Fort +8, Ref +15, Will +8; SZ M (1.9m); FP 2; DSP 2; Rep 0; Str 12, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 18, Cha 15.

Equipment: Leather outift, security bypass kit, first aid kit, explosives, Flux Universal Gun
Skills: Appraise +8, Bluff +10, Climb +9, Computer Use +11 (+13 to gather information via computer networks), Demolitions +11 (+13 to disable explosive devices), Diplomacy +5, Disable Device +11 (+13 against electronic security devices), Intimidate +7, Disguise +8, Escape Artist +13, Forgery +10, Gather Information +9, Hide +12, Jump +8, Knowledge (politics) +10, Listen +12, Move Silently +12, Pilot +9, Profession (assassin) +11, Profession (model) +8, Profession (spy) +11, Repair +9 (+11 to repair or sabotage computers), Ride +8, Search +9, Sleight of Hand +8, Spot +11, Survival +13, Swim +3, Tumble +14.
Feats: Acrobatic, Armor proficiency (light), Athletic, Exotic Weapon (Flux Universal Gun), Heroic Surge, Lightning Reflexes, Nimble, Track, Skill Emphasis (Jump), Skill Emphasis (Survival), Weapon Group Proficiencies (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy weapons, simple weapons, vibro-weapons).
Cybernetic Implants: Birth control device, tooth-cam

Trevor Goodchild, Male Human, Noble 10: Init +2 (+2 Dex); Defense 19 (+2 Dex, +7 class); Spd 10m; VP/WP 43/12; Atk +7/+2 melee (1d3, punch), +9/+4 ranged (by weapon); SQ Call in a Favor (x5), Command +4, Inspire Confidence +3; Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +7; SZ M (2.1m); FP 4; DSP 9; Rep 14; Str 10, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 15.

Equipment: Cigarettes, comlink, computer disks, file folders
Skills: Appraise +16, Bluff +12, Computer Use +15, Diplomacy +21, Gather Information +4, Intimidate +12, Knowledge (history) +14, Knowledge (politics) +15, Knowledge (life sciences) +16, Pilot +5, Profession (bureaucrat) +13, Ride +6, Search +9, Sleight of Hand +6, Spot +5, Sense Motive +15.
Feats: Fame, Persuasive, Sharp-eyed, Trustworthy, Weapon Group Proficiencies (blaster pistols, simple weapons).
Cybernetic Implants: Nanorobotic Assassin (NRA)

Aeon Flux
source book
Aeon Flux
cartoon shorts
Aeon Flux and Trevor Goodchild created by Peter Chung. Aeon Flux and associated characters and proper names are TM, © Copyright 2001 Viacom.
D20 adaptation by Steve Miller. For more information on Aeon Flux products available, click here, or follow the direct links to the right.
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