Ninjette (Skill Point Costs: Martial Arts Genre)

Total Character Points: 64
Total Skill Points: 170

Ninjette is a young woman whose origins are shrouded in as many mysteries as the Ninja Clans themselves. She first came to prominence as a martial artist whose skills were available to the highest bidder, but recently--after befriending superheroine Empowered--she has become a regular at parties held by the Superhomies and is assumed to now be exclusively on the side of the Heroes.

Ninjette is actually the runaway princess of a Ninja Clan. Exactly why she in on the outs with the other ninja is known only to her, but there is a price on her head and every so often other ninja will appear and try to kill her and her friends.

It's all in a day's work for Ninjette, however, who will just as happily kick butt as she will hang out with Empowered, Thugboy, and other members of the Superhomies. (If none of her friends are around, look for the party with the open bar, and that's where you'll find her.)

Ninjette image Copyright 1996, 2007 Adam Warren
Ninjette's first appearance from a chapter opening in Empowered, Vol 1.

Body: 6        Mind: 4   Soul: 5

Health Points: 50        Energy Points: 45
Attack Combat Value: 7       Defense Combat Value: 5

Attributes Level Points
Appearance 1 1
Art of Distraction 1 1
Combat Mastery 2 4
Extra Attacks 3 12
Highly Skilled 15 15
Kensei (Blind Fighting, Chanbara Master, Judge Opponent, Precise Stroke) 4 4
Massive Damage 2 8
Personal Gear (Ninja Equipment) 2 2
Quick Change 2 2
Skills Level Points
Acrobatics (Balance, Jumps, Tumbling) 4 22
Disguise (Make-Up, Prosthetics) 5 16
Gaming (Console Games) 5 5
Poisons (Natural, Synthetic) 2 5
Sleight of Hand (Lock Picking) 1 2
Stealth (Concealment, Silent Movement) 4 17
Combat Skills Level Points
Melee Attack (Baton/Club, Knife, Polearms, Improvised Weapons, Sword, Whips/Chains) 3 23
Melee Defense (Baton/Club, Knife, Polearms, Sword, Whips/Chains) 2 18
Ranged Defense (Personal) 3 12
Thrown Weapons (Blades) 3 15
Unarmed Attack (Strikes, Throws) 3 19
Unarmed Defense (Holds, Strikes, Throws) 3 20
Defects BP
Easily Distracted (Free Booze) 1
Nemesis (Ninja Clan Members) 1
Skeleton in the Closet (Ninja on the Lam) 1
Wanted (Capture order issued by Ninja Clan Master) 1

Personal Gear

Ninjette possesses a full range of traditional martial arts weapons and Ninja Paraphenalia (caltrops, smokebombs, and so on). She also usually has a six-pack of bottled beer from a microbrewery somewhere close at hand.

Source and Acknowledgements

Ninjette appears in Adam Warren's graphic novel series Empowered, published by Dark Horse. We recommend these books highly if you enjoy quirky superhero comics, and you can read a review of Vols. 1 & 2by clicking here. (You'll be taken to "Steve Miller's Reviews and Stuff" at Rotten Tomatoes.) You can order the books, and read more reviews of them, at

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