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This section of "Steve Miller's BESM Resource Pages" spotlights adaptations of female characters from all sorts of sources. Many of these characters were originally in the Random Characters section, but have been moved here as the list there was becoming too long to be practical.

If you want to contribute a character to this section, send it here. You will receive full credit for your contribution.
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Aeon Flux (from Aeon Flux and Liquid Television)

Bikini Patriot (Original Character)

Child Abuse Girl (Original Character)

Christy Love (from Get Christy Love)

Death Mask (Original Character)

Kaede of the Ninja
(from The Return of Lum: Sweet Revenge)

Kagome (from Inu-Yasha)

Liberty Girl (from Liberty Girl)

Madame Tarantula (from Madame Tarantula)

Miyuki & Natsumi (from "You're Under Arrest!)

Naomi Armitage (from Armitage III)

Ninjette (from Empowered)

Rally Vincent (from Gunsmith Cats)

Red Sonja (from Red Sonja)

Squirrel Girl (from Marvel Superheroes)

Street Angel (from Street Angel)

Virginia the Electric Girl (from Electric Girl)

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