Nosedive: Hello of people I would like to present today my little Baby to you.

Jazz: Hey, Dad.....I am not a Baby anymore!!!

Nosedive: Okay. That is Jessica and their pointed name is Jazzy.

Jazz: I would like to tell something about me !!!

Nosedive: Okay, catch on.

Jazz: I am now 9 years old and correctly grown-up..... Dad why you laugh????

Nosedive: I??? nothing. Go further...

Jazz: I am to 26. Febuary born and has thus soon birthday!!!

Nosedive: Okay, unfortunately is my wife now not here otherwise...

Jazz: Hey dad...

Nosedive: What???

Jazz: Do not betray!!!

Nosedive: Why??

Jazz: It is my secret!!!

Nosedive: Those want to know it however!!!!

Jazz: NO!!!!!!!!

Nosedive: Do we give them a chance??

Jazz: What???

Nosedive: A play.....They are to guess who it is!!! and who wins gets a picture with the whole family !!!

Jazz: Has to be???

Nosedive: It must!!! Ohhh man...... children!!!!



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