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Write about your year as GM of NorWest they said. Itís easy enough. Hell, I lost that many brain cells that year itís a wonder I can remember my name. In fact, I couldnít remember being GM until I was told to produce this load of old dribble.

Now before I got drunk I know I got summoned to the big house on Waikumete Hill by the two big dudes. Shit, itís like being called to the principals office. One and half hours later with BUTCHER BILL and ROSCOE I was out of there thinking ďFuck! I think I just said Iíd be the next GM for NorWest.Ē

Canít tell you what happened at the AGM cause I got pissed and found it a lot easier to stay that way throughout the year so I couldnít be held responsible for tuck all. Just as well for photos, well most of the time!

The little bits I do remember was that NorWest was vibrant and fun loving. Never scared to try something new. Never too embarrassed to run the streets in costume or lack of it.

Runs ware planned way in advance and run several times by the hares before the day to make sure it was the biggest tuck up possible.

The food was always wondrous, which is different from wonderful. Shit loads of effort went into securing venues with good food at bloody low rates AND SPLIT BUMS ALWAYS WENT FIRST!!! A few really good tuck ups helped to make some meals particularly memorable.

Everyone was encouraged to run and frowned upon if you only turned up to the On On unless both legs, one arm and your neck was in plaster. Even then, youíd be called a poofter. For those who couldnít or wouldnít run the Knitting Club was formed so there was no excuse not to go! The back running hare kept them in check with the pack by knowing the short cuts. Hence one reason why trails need to be well set.

We had our first weekend run up at Kaukapakapa with a Dixie Jazz Band first footing the pack to a champagne breakfast in the hay barn. Once again though, I was pissed all weekend so can only say I was told people has a good time.

Being the GM is made easy though when youíre backed up by a fuckín great team:

          JMís              Stevo and Clawed
          Run Masters   Mr Ed and PoIly
          Scribe            Kiwi
          Hash Cash       Headspin

But most of all you need a Hash full of dedicated idiots who are all really children who have never grown up. Hell we all had that!!

Just wish I could remember!!!!!!!!!!

Some Mothers

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