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Two weeks before the AGM weekend, Mrs. Max enquires “Have you written your dribble for the 10th anniversary book?’” Finished?’ I said “What the fuck are you talking about?” To cut a long story short, Mrs. Max forgot to ask me! (Poor Sharpie age is catching up - he doesn’t hear as well as he used to - to much listening to his own voice that year) So with only two days before printing, here’s my GM year in retrospect.

After turning down the opportunity to be GM for many years, this time when Scruffy approached me at a weak moment, I said yes.

The term of the 9th NorWest GM started with a hangover and 12 months later finished with a hangover. In between times there were a few beers, a hell of a lot of hilarity, heaps of bullshit and the most ERECTIONS I’ve ever had.

Looking through the 1996197 register brought back many good memories. It also showed how much I aged in that year (see I told you). Thanks NorWest.

The highlight of the year for me was the NorWest Nash Hash (The Gourmet Gallop). The best Nash Hash ever, that’s my opinion. Thanks to the organising committee and all NorWesters. The 250 “odd” hashers enjoying and entertaining themselves was great to see. For instance - 06’s riding the wooden horse around the barn, Some Mothers, Groper and Thomas the Tank Engine sumo wrestling & body sliding. Outside Mongo had his croquet lawn. The large outside stage with the Down Down competition and boat races. The excellent band on Saturday night.

How could you forget the fucken great sand hill on Saturday’s run and then lunch followed by delectable Miss Whippy and her snow freeze ice creams. Then for some hashers there was great sex but not necessarily with your partner.

The food was excellent and with plenty of amber fluid to wash it down. What else could you ask for. Anyone who didn’t enjoy The Gourmet Gallop must have been somewhere else.

Looking back, the year went really quick and before I knew it, it was time to hand over to the next poor bastard, Xerox.

I’d like to thank my committee, She’ll Keep (JM) the organiser and boss, Quafac (part time JM) as he was only allowed at hash every second week - mind you, his wife did more than he did, thanks Molar. Gypsey (Hash Scribe), Slippery (Hash Flash), Shotgun (Minister of Financde), Where’s Wally and Ramblin Rod (Trail Masters. It should have been Where’s Rambling as he spent most of the year hashing overseas. Shadow & Madd-on-er (Brew Masters) who kept themselves poor replacing hash piss they drank over the weekends.

I had a very memorable year and enjoyed the good natured obese I received. Thanks NorWest. On On for another 10 years


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