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T’was two weeks before the AGM, and all through Jube’s place

All Hussies were sleeping, all covered in lace

But while we were partying, with stories abound

The venue for the AGM, was burnt to the ground

Titz wailed, but we need a new GM, and now a venue too

Fuck it, she hollered, Schwarz you’ll do

So that’s where it started, 2 split bums in a row

All hashmen beware, we re running the show

 Rigor screamed we can’t have this, a GM with no balls

Warm beer, Cold wine, it’ll be hell for us all

But that’s OK, I’ll get you next year

We’ll have a split bum brewmaster, to serve your warm beer

 Not long into the new reign, we gathered some new

Shadow, Candlestick, and Xerox too

Shadow was quiet, Candle a Baker

And Xerox we named, to fill A.T’s quota

Madd-on-er another who was fairly new

‘You’ve got my Piss Pot you bastard, I know it was you’

A lesson to learn, a vessel to keep

Be sure to stay awake, and not fall asleep

Vets sent over Joe 90, to see how its done

Then they sent Loosie, to join in the fun

But Metal set fire to him, to see if he’d fly

I guess next year, we’ll just build our own Guy.

The Blues Brothers turned out, all ready for fun

With Sharpie so gorgeous, dressed as a Nun

The Nellies and Etals, were dressed in their best

With all of us others, saluting their quest

InterHash provided, the highlight of the year

Where Ebony swapped her knickers, for Emphysema’s G String to wear

A practice at Mamaku, just to check our run for sure

Where Mick ‘Claytons’ Jagger, provided a show to die for

Full Moon held a fundraiser, a sight for sore eyes

With Titz, Mummy and Hand Me Down imitating Mud Pies

Hash games and adventures raised lots of funds

And Mummy got drunk with her favourite sons

The Thrash runs were all, long drunken nights

With ours a success, a party till light

A limo from Abby’s, our money well spent

Humping and Screwing, to our hearts content

Away runs started many a tale

With Purple Death becoming our favourite ale

And we learnt from our travels, that Rum was the best

To have it cut before the Bombay Hills, was our biggest test

Wainui Hui found Dodge crashed on the floor

He came from the top bunk, yet he still wanted more

Mooloo’s M party put us all on a High

Till Hand Me Down smelled Petrol, ‘We’re all going to Die!’

Sharpie’s gumboots somehow always managed to go west

So he threw Shadows shoe out the bus, as he yelled ‘They’re my best’

Mr. Meat said, ‘Its OK I’ve marked where it’s at,

There’s an K on the side of the bus, we’ll get it on the way back’

The Rotorua ‘free weekend’ was a wonderful thing

When Titz, Madd-on-er and I decided to sing

Some Mothers was grumpy, the music wouldn’t go

But we just stuck our chest out, and got on with the show

At Napier Sharpie failed, in his quest to kill Daisy

He hit him with the bus, before things went hazy

Maybe next time you’ll get him, it can’t be that hard

If you wait long enough, he’ll drop his guard

An Energy run, Shadow asleep before we had started

Then only to wake, as we were ready to be parted

Metal’s motto, ‘One Can, One Piss, is all I can handle

Please stop the car, or I’ll piss all over Candle’

Each passing year bought many a favorite run

Pisces, Over Zee Hill and many more to cum

Coast 2 Coast was combined with a 6~ Anniversary

With all the past GM’s there for everyone to see

We had our 30O~, combined with Halloween

With Part Timer, so early, no where to be seen

It seemed that her night, was a bit of a blur

So Hard to Port took her home, the words she did slur

Most were willing, but few were able

And Ebony found Claytons asleep, under the table

Mustang couldn’t help herself, she chundered in Sharpie’s sink

It’s OK though, Dodge helped with the lumpy bits, I think

And finally to say goodbye to you all

We held a Western party in Two Dogs old hall

And just for a change, in a tradition well worn

We drunk till we were legless, and spewed in the morn

So thanks for the fun, and the abuse from the moaners

I hope you enjoyed it, despite the hangovers

When it all comes down to it, I really don’t care

I had a good time, and was glad to be there

There’s one thing in life, that really can’t fail

Keep a smile on your face, and a vessel of ale

You’ll have people wondering, what you’re really up to

When all the time, you’re just trying not to spew


ON ON to the next 10 years


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