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I don't own Gundam, this is only a fansite, Mobile Suit Gundam belongs to Bandai and Sunrise.
S is for Suck, which not good enogh for me:
Yes, yes I have noticed that nobody has visited this site in month so I kinda think it's a sign.

The Good News: We're not closing!

The Bad News: We're completely changing format.
Let's face it... Okay, I'll face it, there are a butt load of bettter Gundam info sites and there's no need for me to try to make another one. (Besides, no one is visitying anymore either...) So, if anyone actually is reading this, you may be asking; "What are you gonna do then?"
The answer is simple, this site is the new home to Gundam SEED Destiny: Corrected, my own re-write of a Gundam series that, in my opinion, could have been great but managed to fail almost entirely on its last fifteen episodes. My version of te story will be different, because it will be my telling. But I hope it is accepted. (And yes, Shinn is and will remain the lead character.)

I will be leaving many of the old sections open, but The Escaflowne and Evangelion sections are now gone to make room for the new site. Again, no real loss, both of them were most recently visited back in 2004. I'm gonna get back to work with the story, please stop in soom to read it.
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This site is a fan work, devoted to Gundam SEED Destiny to try to prove what a great series it could have been.
I knew I shouldn't have dated that damn thing... Well, I finally am back after months of pain and toil, most of which was unrelated to this.The Prologue is up, along with the Mecha and Episode 1 will be up very soon. I really hope you enjoy the story.
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