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The calendar has now been separated for cosplay and Angel Hunt (for Super Dollfie) commissions. When you place an order, please keep in mind that the time estimate is based on my workload from both types of commissions. If you do not like the time estimate given, do not order from me.

Legend: Closed means the slot cannot be scheduled whatsoever. Open means a customer can place an order for that slot. FULLY BOOKED means I cannot take any more work that month, because my schedule is full.

The status column can read as follows (the status label may be in all capitals or mixed case):

Cosplay Calendar

Costumes that are categorized under a given month will be completed and delivered in that month. This is not the same month that you ordered the costume. The average turnaround time is about 2 to 3 months from the date I receive your order and measurements. Please read the faq page and ordering information page for additional details.

Order Number Order Description Status
2009 Cosplay Calender - Requiring only partial payments upfront. Materials fees only, rest due upon completion.
Order 1 Final Fantasy Pup Materials Fee Paid -> Forms and example pics received -> Patterning in progress.
Order 2 Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter Paid in Full -> Costume completed ->Shipping monies received and costume in transit.
Order 3 Naruto costume Paid in Full -> Costume completed ->Shipping monies received and costume in transit.

Order Number Order Description Status
Back Orders [Waiting Contacts and In Progress]
Order 1 Vicious unique coat (Cowboy Bebop) Paid fully; Patterned, Materials bought -Please contact me! [measurements never provided, cannot continue without them]
Order 2 Kagura Fan DONE Please contact me! [mailing addy invalid]
Order 3 VoH plush [Hamel, Demon Hamel, girl] and SD size Vincent [dirge style] Fully Paid -> All 3 plush bases completed -> clothing and details in progress. Vincent -> materials bought -> patterned -> not started.
Order 4 Sword Prop [Magma Carta] Please contact me! [Will refund - need contact info]
Order 5 Kenshin Cosplay set [red kimono/white hakama color scheme] 100% done [shipped and received]
Order 6 1/6 doll-sized Sailormoon clothing sets: Mamoru casual, Setsuna casual, three lights concert outfits, three lights school fukus Complete Please contact me!
Order 7 Vreth set for SD [half viking style skirt, sleeveless top, arm wraps, pants] Materials bought -> not started

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