Welcome to a piece of Balto's Internet territory! By having realistic abilities and being more personable than Superman, Balto is a valiant hero of immense proportions and is undoubtedly a timeless representation of the traits we all should try to possess. As we often find true in real life, Balto represents the purest essence of heroism by showing that valor does not stem from perfection or super-natural abilities, but rather originates from recognizing and coping with personal faults and making the fullest attempts in conquering fears to help others. Balto shows us all that being heroic does not require  a pedigree nor a cape or utility belt, but instead, comes only from within.

We hope that you enjoy the site. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, please visit our affiliates found under the links page. Enjoy!
(December 04, 2003) ... Many apologies for the site having not yet been upgraded. My own schedule has not allowed the renovations I had wanted - but there is good news! My web-master will be working with me to completely overhaul the site to php format soon! Look for an enhanced site to be complete sometime by mid-Winter.
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