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 So who's in the team?

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Liz plays the melodeon. She has danced with teams all over the country and was formerly editor of

Liz Pearce


Rob plays the melodeon. His first experience of the Morris was seeing Bampton perform on May morning in Oxford.

Rob Kearsley Bullen


Steve plays the melodeon and fiddle, and has a penchant for Old-Timey American tunes.

Steve Tunnicliff


Daphne used to dance North-West morris with Nottingham Pride but has added another string to her bow with New St George.

Daphne Carré




Sorry! We don’t have pictures of everyone yet…





Julie Benson




Frank Chester

Jo has just given birth to her first child and was still dancing with two weeks to go! Jo also dances with Brazenose Morris.

Jo Coffey




Darryl Cunnington




Chris Gibbon

Stuart used to dance with Albion Morris, and has rediscovered his morris roots after a fallow period of 18 years.


Stuart Hollyer




Pamela Kearsley Bullen




Ruth Kirk



Jean Mawer



Jayne Nesbitt



Mike Nesbitt




Brendan O’Flanagan

Gillian Padley

Andy plays the melodeon. He has many years of dancing experience including Cotswold and North-West.


Andy Padmore




Linda Pearce

April is one of our sister triumvirate.

April Rhodes

Val Rhodes

Bev is April and Val's sister. She's been a member of New St George since it began.


Bev Tunnicliff




Jo Williams

Jackie is another 'Morris Nut' and is a former squire of Brazenose Morris.

Jackie Wilson




John Woodman





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