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Since the dawn of the mankind history, the human being has been struggling to find answers to riddles such as the origin of the universe, the secret of life, the human nature with his conflicting values, the reality and its right perception, the purpose of the human existence and so on.  In the attempts to find answers, the human being has conceived large number of paths which were believed to lead towards the final answer.  However, a quick survey of the mankind history and mankind's contemporary situation clearly shows that anyone of the numerous paths adopted by the mankind, finally brings the mankind near a dead end.  All the major branches of the human thought like religion, science, philosophy, socioeconomic theories....etc, and their sub-divisions, each by its own, eventually leave the human being facing insoluble problems and increasing conflicts with the other different paths and their followers.  The past and the present experience show that it is impossible to reach sufficiently satisfying answers about the universe and the whole human existence within the framework of a certain limited thought system.  Although each system in the past may have initially seemed very promising, and although the modern scientific-technological era has opened new horizons which again look very promising, the goal of comprehensive understanding of the reality could not and cannot be achieved within any limited set of principals. 

It is the human nature to become attached to a certain set of principals and then to try to bend the reality, forcing it to comply his pre-assumptions as already molded according to that specific set of principals which he is attached to.  This pattern of attitude is particularly typical to the Western mind.  The jealousy prevailing in the West within and between the different monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), within and between the different political/socioeconomic theories (Communism, Fascism, Capitalism.....), within and between the different philosophic systems, within the basic principals of science and the tension between the various science and humanities branches, are a clear indication for the manner by which the Western mind has been functioning traditionally.  All those matters which were created initially NOT for personal or egoistic benefits, but in the name of some higher / universal / spiritual / humanity-welfare  ideals, have finally ended up with interpersonal or intercommunal hatred.  This deterioration occurs basically due to the ego-centric, uncompromising attachment of the humans to either one of those matters or to one of their sub-divisions.  So, as a counteract to this human nature, a new approach in which the mind is prepared to deal with variety of thought systems should be developed.  I believe that taking a look into the different aspects of our life, can give us better point of view about us and our relationship with the surrounding world.  Gaining insights into the variety of human experience, the scientific explorations, the different religions, with an attempt to find possible connections or common patterns among them,  will provide us new understandings concerning ourselves and the surrounding universe.  Our understanding will be enhanced by reconciling the different systems of thought and knowledge, and not by isolating each of them within its own quarantine.  The mankind history has proven until now that any section of the human experience, knowledge and thought cannot be cut off forever from the other sections and that all of them are constantly interacting with each other.

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