Imbolc Ritual
Wheel of the year

Things you will need for ritual:

1 green candle
1 white candle                                                                                                                   
incense burner
chalice of wine or juice
a white piece of paper
Green ink or pen
If you have any old greenery left over from Yule, bring some to burn in the cauldron.                                                                
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Cast circle as usual.  Put some incense on the coals in your cauldron and say:

Gaia has awakened from her long slumber.
The forest and it's creatures hear her and rejoice for the springtime that is  come.

Tap the altar three times and say:

Welcome maiden who gives life with her breath.  This is the time of waxing light.  This is the time when the God grows strong.
This is the time o purification.  This is the time when life to renewed.  I seek wise and truthful counsel of the Lord and the Lady. I come into their presence to seek this.

Time of silence when  you ask the Lord and Lady for inspiration.

Tap the altar again three times gently with the wand and say:

O old ones I know that my life is within your safe keeping.
It is through thy wonderous blessing that I can hope to achive my goals.  It is thine wisdom that will keep me from failure. So mote it be!

Light the white candle on the left side of the cauldron aand say:

I salute you oh glorious maiden.  You are the one who prepares life for us.  The wheel has turned to the time when your blessings are spread throughout the land. So mote it be!

Light the green on the right side of the cauldron and say: 

Behold the God of the forest He caresses the newly awakened Gaia.  The time of life has begun.  So then should new life start within us. So mote it be!

If you have any old leftover branches of christmas greenery, such as pine, holly, miseltoe or juniper.  burn them now in the cauldron.  Be careful these items make a lot of smoke.  The room should be very well ventilated.  When working in a non ventilated area burn only a symbolic pinch.
If you have last years Brigid's cross now is the time to burn it.  It you do not have sufficent ventilation indoors go outside  do it,  or simly burn a small symbolic piece.

You should write on the piece of parchment paper what you would like to come to fruition in the growing season.  Then light it on the green candle and burn it in the cauldron while

Season of Sun,
season of life,
merry the Maiden,
She will soon be a wife.
Merry the God for the Maiden He weds.
The Sun is now bright, The darkness it sheds. So mote it be!   

Now place th chalice of juice or wine on the pentacle and say:

May my life ( if with other say "may our lives") be blessed with Good health, prosperity, happiness, love and magickal power.ckal power.  To the Gods Mery meet and Merry part and Merry Meet again.
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