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The Copper Cauldron is a teaching coven in Nassau County, NY.

  Founded on Samhain, October 31st, 2001 by Nancy Venus, we are the first Venusian order of Wicca. 

Our order strongly holds on to the traditions of Wicca, with an emphasis on Greco-Roman deities. 

We strive to represent the harmony, love and beauty of Venus, combined with the fiery forces of Mars.

We are devoted to teaching, to bring about a better understanding of Wicca to the world.

We welcome students of all philosophies to our open Groves and Classes
Which are held May to March each year.

We currently hold three public events that are open to the general public
West Nassau Witches' Night Out , a monthly social which meets on the first Tuesday of each month. We are best known for  annual big open Beltane in Wantagh Park, and
Open Yule

Our philosophy and motto is: 
Harmony, Pleasure and Defense.

That harmony is required to have a healthy life and planet .

We believe strongly that we all deserve pleasure in life.

If all else fails, then defense is always needed.

It is our deepest wish to bring the Love of Venus and the Strength of her consort Mars into the lives of all who follow our path,

May Venus and Mars bless all you do.

Lady Venus )0(
HPS  Copper Cauldron
Nancy Venus )0( High Priestess of the Copper Caudlron
and founder of the Venusian order of Wicca.
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