Order of the Eastern Star Stands for...
O is for the Opportunities you have made for yourself
R is for the Reality of knowing yourself
D is for the Devotion you have to God
E is for the Everlasting beauty you possess
R is for the Realization of what you mean to others

O is for the Openness of mind you possess
F is for the Freedom of body, mind, and spirit you have

E is for the Everlasting youth you express
A is for the Awareness of life you possess
S is for the Salvation of the body, mind, and spirit
T is for the Truthfulness is your face
E is for the Elegant way you carry yourself
R is for the Rarity of personalities like yours
N is for the Noble person you are

S is for the Saviour that you have always remembered
T is for the Temptations that you have always resisted
A is for the Almighty that you have always served
R is for the Resurrection of hope that you inspire in others
S is for the Salvation of the soul that you strive for

From the times of Solomon when Sheba shown so bright, may you my Sisters continue to be the Stars that shine in the East.
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