Reflections Of Life
I look around and I choose to see
A world of such Mystical Beauty
This is where I find true Peace
I listen to the drums of the ChakraDancer
Playing amidst the scent of summer
I feel my very own chakras respond
Tension walking by with the beat of hands
Upon hide drums from a distant land
Worrys lift with the stirring chants from the flutes
While the voices carry away anxieties
I see the Mystical Beauty
I hear the Mystical Beauty



Oracle Cards to Help You Communicate With Your Angels

Your guardian angels have messages that can help you heal every area of your life!

These cards will help you communicate with your angels; and receive angelic answers and guidance about your love life career, health family and more. There are no negative cards in this deck, since angels always counsel us from a place of love.

Q: Why would we pray to angels? Aren't we supposed to pray to God? Are you worshipping angels?

A: The angels don't want us to worship them or make them into "gods." They want all glory to go to God. So, we don't pray to angels. We only request their help, and have conversations with them.
Angels are a gift from God, and our Creator intends for us to benefit from His gift to us. So there is nothing wrong with engaging in conversations with angels.

The angels are messengers of healing, peace, forgiveness, love, courage, and prosperity. Use angel oracle help you to have a more flowing, healing, and loving connection with the angelic kingdom

Interested in getting a reading ??

I offer Angel Card and Unicorn Card Readings, Absent Reiki and Chiron Healings, Numerology Reports, Dream Interpretation and more...

Ask Me... I'm just an email away

Compatibility Readings

Would you like to know a little more about your partner?
Do you have a feeling that things aren't quite as right as they should be?
It could be that the stars enlighten you and show you which areas you can work on to improve a relationship or maybe you are wishing for something that isn't meant to be. What we want isn't always what we need.....
I will provide you with information that can smooth the transition when problems arise. With a little understanding and enlightenment we are all capable of making our lives brighter.
If you are unhappy, have tried to turn things around for yourself, or even resorted to going to absurd lengths to make your relationship work then maybe a look at a compatibility report can help.
EMAIL me your date of birth and time if you know it and that of your partner and I will forward            you enlightening information on you both.  For added information include birth names.

Sometimes we find any information is worth looking at. The choice is yours as to what you do with it....

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