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This is our page about African Violets and other gesneriads (the cousins of the African Violets).  Our favourite gessies as we call them are the streptocarpuses or Cape Primroses.  Follow this link to the streptocarpus page.  We hope you enjoy these pages.  I will be adding photos to them as the plants come into bloom.  If you are interested in purchasing leaves or cuttings from us, follow this link to our pricing policy.  If you want to trade, email me and I'll see what we can do.
We like to grow from seed and have grown many of our plants from seed, both indoors and out.  We are also interested in hybridizing streptocarpus and will be adding to a page of my hybrids as they bloom.
We both also do a fair amount of outside gardening.  I  also do a fair amount of seed collecting.  To see pictures of seedpods that are ripe, follow this link: seedpods.
To see my outside plants, follow this link:  outside flowers.  My favourite flowers are delphiniums.  Seeds are available for most flowers shown.  I accept trades, if you have nothing to trade, contact me for prices.




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