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Welcome to the Movie Villains homepage.  Here you will find the "Best of the Best" of villains in the movies.  On each villains page you will find which movie/s they are from, a synopsis of that movie/s, and pictures.

This site will be added to continually, so come back regularly to keep up with who the bad guys are in the movie scene.

21 August 2003
Been busy as you may have seen for those who have been here before.  Just returned from seeing Freddy Vs Jason - will have it up soon. 

1 May 2003
As you all probably know I've been out of action due to a car accident.  I'm back and will be adding and updating very soon.  Thank you for your patience.  Just to let you know that Creatures Of The Night is back up *woohoo*, so get on over for a look :)

1 September 2002
Decided to advertise movie posters -  check out the link below Chucky on the left menu - I bought one of The Crow which was *brilliant* - yes yes, non-related to this site until I do the baddie in it, but it's just such a good poster I wanted you all to get a chance of getting one of your own at a good price.  No I haven't sold out either :P  I don't usually believe in advertising products, and as you will see at other sites, I never do.  However, movie posters rock :)

11 August 2002
Busily adding some webrings, although had forgotten to start advertising at search engines *duh*.  See there have been a few ppl here already although NOBODY has signed my GuestMap.  You people suck!

27 July 2002
Finally got the site up and running - will be adding some webrings in the next few days.

Movie Villains Jewel Bar

Movie Villains Jewel Bar

Movie Villains Jewel Bar

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