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MovieSneak Usher's Section

Welcome to the usher's section where I will post some of my favorite movie usher stories. I will also be including stories from visitors that are or have been ushers. And as an added bonus I've set up a message board so ushers can talk about what is going on at their theaters and how sneaking tactics have been foiled. This is a section for the ushers of the world so if there is something that you would find usefull please let me know and I'll try my best to put it here, also check out the Usher Story Section

If there are any ushers out there willing to write movie reviews for the site please contact me
Here's a cool site if you are on the inside of movies Movie Palace
If you are an usher and looking for a job try the following links.
AMC Theaters
Regal Cinemas
United Artists

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