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Stories From MovieSneak Guests

Guests stories provided by guests (thanks for sending them). If you would like to contribute to this page please e-mail your stories to me. I would especially like to hear stories from ushers.

The Watching Doorman Pat
My friend and I purchased tickets to boys and girls (rated pg-13). We are both 14. We tried to get into Me, Myself, and Irene. The ticket ripper, however, was watching us the entire time. We walked right in to Irene, but he saw us and he yelled at me. We came back out and pretended we were confused about where the movie was. He didnt really buy it, but he didnt kick us out. We saw boys and girls...not by choice....and it sucked. We learned our lesson. Heres a tip. Please post it....its very helpful.
TIP: Walk into the PG-13 movie you got tickets to....especially if you are an underage teen, like us. Keep in mind, the ticket ripper guy may still be watching you! After about anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, go into the R-Rated movie you planned on seeing in the first place, quickly, quietly, and stay low. IMPORTANT TIP!!!! TRUE STORY!!!! use wisely.
Pat brings up a good point. If you are in a group of minors then the doorman is going to keep an eye on you. It's best to go into the movie that you paid for until the doorman has forgotten about you

Stupid friends Ruben
Sometime ago when the movie "Spawn" was playing in theaters,at that time I was really into the comic book and the character.And well i was really excited to go see the movie,so me and my amigo's went to see it on the first day.And after the movie i wanted to see it again,so we decided to sneak in to see it again,and well my Friend I'll call him "JB" thought it was wrong and well he decided to ask the manager with my friend who I'll call "KR" if they can see a movie for free and so they left and did that,they were escorted out after the manager said "HELL NO!!" to their request and me and my friends saw "Spawn" 4 and 1/2 times and "Hercules" and walked in On "Contact" for a few minutes.
Another good point that I hope no one can learn from. Please don't ask the manager if you can sneak into a movie. That's a really good way to get kicked out.

Dark Theater Pullan
A few weeks ago, me and my cousins decided to sneak into the r-rated movie "the cell". We knew it would be impossible to buy tickets for it, because we were only 14. so we all bought tickets to the klumps. we waited in the little lobby thing until the cell was 10 minutes until show time. at which point we went in. after waiting 20 minutes in an empty room, we decided the movie wasn't going to tip: if you're going to sneak nto an r-rated movie, and use precious time, at least make sure its a popular movie and that other people are buying tickets!!!!!!
At some theaters, especially smaller ones if no one buys tickets to a showing then they may not run the film so the projectionist won't have to rethread it. This is usually only a problem at the last showing of a movie, in the day they usually sell at least one ticket to each show. Cheap Day Brad
All This for Under $10.
This story takes place at the dawn of the huge multiplex. You may remember, Jurassic Park 2 was released at the same time many of the new 24 multiplex theaters came out. I went with two friends, Jason ( a fellow, long-time movie hopper) and Jon. Jon paid for one ticket and went in, came back out and we used the "stub technique." Jason, going in with the stub, came back out moments later and gave it to me. On my way in, i bought large popcorn and soda for the film (approx. $6-7). After the movie, we slipped into Chasing Amy,on the way Jason picked up the popcorn and soda. By nights end, we had seen two movies and enjoyed popcorn and soda for a grand total of around $21, or an average of $7 per person.

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