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Minors sneaking into rated R movies

Do your research just like you would for any other movie except instead of researching the move you would like to see, research a PG-13 movie with the same starting time.

Purchase a ticket to another movie

The first part is of course getting into the theater, so buy a ticket to see a PG-13 movie this does a couple things first off they donít card for these movie so there is no problem buying a ticket so you are in. Second itís not a G or PG movie, a teenager or group of teenagers are not likely to be watching the latest Babe movie, especially if itís a group of guys, pick a movie that you would watch anyway so it you get caught you can say that you got lost (itís lame but they may feel sorry for you).

Once you are in OK you are in, good job. Now you just have to get to your movie, if you can fallow a group of adults into a theater do that, if not review the how to act section and find out where the movie is. Then just like it was the movie you paid for walk into the theater and sit down. Thatís all there is too it, donít look around to see if someone is watching and donít do anything to set you apart from the crowd and you should be OK. Oh yeah, donít play video games or be loud.

Get someone to buy you a ticket Brad If the ticket office will not sell you an R-rated ticket and you can't sneak in, another option is to buy the ticket...indirectly. After minimal whining, say okay and leave the ticket window. Standing outside the theater, scope the crowd for anyone older heading into the theater. Usually, the best people are kids just over 17. Ask them what movie they are seeing and if it is the same as the one you were trying to get into, ask if they'll buy you a ticket. They're young, still remember what it's like to not be let in, and will be more willing to help you. Most adults tend to frown upon actions like these. Give them the money and meet them somewhere out of the sight of the ticket checkers and employees. This may take some time, but if you find people who are willing, you should be in the clear.
A good door man will not let you pass if you are underage because the law states that if you are under the age to see a rated R movie then you must have a guardian with you when you see it, this means that even if they buy the ticket for you, you can see the movie unless they watch it too. If you do try this I would not even talk to the ticket guy at all, just find someone to buy the ticket without them seeing you if possible.

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