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MovieSneak Links Page

all of the movie hopping related websites that I have found
If you know of a site that should be on this page please let me know

Forgive Me, Usher, For I Have Sinned by Christopher Kelly
A very well written article about theater hopping includes tips on how to sneak past ushers and what to do if you get caught.
Stealing Movies by Simon Rodberg
A humorus take on movie hopping, including tips on not getting caught
Rated R
Discusses Clinton's policy on trying to keep kids out of R rated movies, tells how some kids get in.
The Sneak by Michael Dare
An amazingly funny screen play about a guy trying to sneak into a movie.
The Z Review
pokes fun at some of the really bad mainstream movies that have been released.
Movie Posters
Scanned images of movie posters really cool if you are into movies.

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