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One of the most common hopping mistakes is not dressing properly. You donít want to wear anything that might make you stand out in a crowd. These guides will change with time as styles change, so donít take this as a hard-core guide on dressing. The point to dressing right is to get lost in the crowd and to be as nondescript as possible. Also, don't break any of the theater rules
No bright colors or big logos bright colors make everyone stand out, choose something basic, a solid color thatís dark is good, jeans are usually good to. Note: what you where will be different depending on the time and place that you are hopping, if all of the sudden everyone was wearing hot pants and tube tops then that would be the way to go. If you have a shirt with a sports team logo on it don't wear it unless lots of people are wearing similar things (like in playoff season).

No big shoes Junior high school girls are found guilty of this too often, they wear these big platform shoes that make them look taller, well they just look funny to me and I always seemed to notice so other theater workers would probably notice too.

No hats or sunglasses Most people just donít wear hats and if you want to be inconspicuous the you shouldnít wear a hat either. The same goes for sunglasses unless itís really sunny but you still wouldnít wear them in doors.

No backpacks I once caught a movie hopper that was wearing a bright red vinyl ladybug backpack, she should have just worn a shirt that said movie hopper on it. Donít make the same mistake.

No skateboards or rolerblades/roller-skates Usually these items are held in the office (this varies from theater to theater) and they are bulky. Again most people wonít have them so you donít want to have them either.

No piercing of outrageous hairstyles In most areas having nose piercing is not the norm so you would want to take the ring out but in other areas it is perfectly fine. I would stay away from the outrageous hairstyles though because purple spiked hair seems to turn heads, unless this is normal in the area that you are hopping of course.

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