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Those Darn Ushers

We've all been there, you are ready to hop into a theater all calm and cool, invincible with confidence. Just then you see an usher checking tickets...bummer. No way around that one, or is there?

Avoid Them All Together
With a little careful planning you should be able to avoid most ticket checking ushers. Ushers will be at newly released, super popular movies and at R rated movies to keep the kids out. If you are buying a ticket to get in just purchase it for one of these high profile movies and sneak into one that has been out for a couple weeks.

Full Hands
If your hands happen to be full of snacks from the concession stands then it is likely that they will just wave you through.

Wait Them Out
No theater makes enough money to station an usher at each theater so if you do run into one simply wait. Eventually the usher will go on to the next movie that he must guard. Most likely the usher will leave shortly after the movie has started.

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