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Getting Caught

OK you get caught, donít panic, and remember itís just the movie theater not Fort Knox. If you get caught sneaking into most theaters they will just kick you out, some may have harsher penalties, which you should look into before you go hopping. If you get caught there isnít too much you can do, just remember you did get caught doing something you shouldnít have been doing, be polite, and donít argue because you have no good argument. Below are a couple of things that you could try to make things a little easier on everyone involved in you getting caught

Say that you lost your ticket (Doesnít work)
In the two years that I worked at the theater the most common thing that hoppers used as an excuse was that they had lost their stub. Iíll tell you right now that this does not work, all movie theater employees have heard it before, it is useless.

If you happen to get caught by a member of the opposite sex you could always try to flirt your way out of the situation, itís a long shot but heck you are already caught so it couldnít hurt to try.

Be honest
This will not get you into the movie but things will be resolved quickly. Just admit that you hopped into the theater, they will escort you out and have you leave (most likely). Try something like ďYes I did sneak inĒ Thatís it then just get up and leave. Donít cause any problems just be quiet and leave. This is highly recommended as you are stuck so you might as well make the situation as pleasant as possible.

Bribing Aaron (noych)
If you get caught, and have no other options except admit guilt, then I can suggest one last effort to stay in and see the movie. Since most theater ushers are poorly paid high school students use the thing that motivates them to kick you out. Ask them if they would like to escort you to the movie for a crisp 5-dollar bill. This is cheaper than an 8 dollar ticket, gets you into the movie, and is 5 dollars the usher is making for "overlooking" one person.

This will either work quite well or get you kicked out for trying to bribe the usher, it just depends on the usher that you run into. It is an option if you are desperate to see the movie.

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