Acting Naturally

OK you are in, good job. Now you have to find where your movie is and where any other movies that you want to see are...without getting kicked out. You also have to get to the movies without getting caught. In general you should be calm and act just like you would when you have paid to see a movie.

Finding your movie

Looking at movie posters
Most theaters will have posters of coming attractions for you too look at throughout the lobby, casually walk past these and critique them if you are with a friend. As long as you are walking around you might as well take note which movies are playing where, take mental note of these things as they will serve you well, you can even right down the info if you make it look like you are writing a URL off of one of the posters.

Check for signs

Sometimes there are signs that show you which way it is to the movie, these are very helpful to hoppers as they tell you exactly where to go.

Use your cell phone Kit
A good technique that has worked for me when I want to hop from one flick to another, is pretend to talk on my cellphone. Nobody wants to bother me while I am talking, plus, it allows me to walk anywhere in the hallway (i.e. away from the exit and towards the next movie) because it looks like I am just trying to find a good signal for my phone.
This is a great tip, ushers will not bother a guest that is using a cell phone in the lobby. It is understood that you have to walk around to get good reception so no one will bother you if you are talking on a cell phone (unless it's in the theater).

Watch a movie
This is what you are here to do after all. If after the first movie they try to get you to go to an exit, either slip into the restroom or say that you are going to buy some popcorn for your mom. Anything to avoid leaving the theater.

How to act
Act naturally, the only way that you are going to get caught is if you give the any reason to think that you havenít paid for a ticket, remember they usually wonít check your ticket unless they think you are doing something wrong (unless there is a special engagement of some type). If you pretend that you are there to see a movie hat you have paid for and just act naturally then no one will suspect you. There are some things to avoid however.

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