Dear Boys Act I Summary [1-23]-->

The story starts, when Kazuhiko Aikawa, a basketball genius, was transferred to Mizuho High School in Kanagawa...

Kazuhiko Aikawa was originally the captain at Tendouji, the top basketball team. He left because he felt that there wasn't much unity between the players, and playing basketball there seem more of a chore, because the players feel the pressure to win and uphold the school's reputation.

He then transferred into Mizuho in Kanagawa, where he lived alone. There, he met Mai Moritaka and Mutsumi Akiyoshi, the two basketball players from the girls' team on the way into the school, on the first day of school. He had quite an encounter with Mutsumi ... '''-_- He later found out that they were from the same class, together with Takumi Fujiwara, a member of the basketball team, which was suspended earlier. It turned out that there was only 4 members left in the team-- Fujiwara, Ranmaru Miura, Tsutomu Ishii and Kenji Dobashi. Aikawa later managed to persuade the girls' team coach Kyouko Himuro to let him join the team. [She is also his English language teacher. He tried to lift up her skirt... '''-_-] He later managed to win the recognition of his fellow teammates. [especially Fujiwara]

After Aikawa officially joined the team, Coach Himuro arranged a practice match with the Narita Chuoh basketball team. Turns out that its the school where their former coach, Kaoru Shimojoh is now teaching at. [Fujiwara was engaged in a fight with their former coach, causing the suspension of the team.] They won, 89-88.

During a intensive practice session [it lasted for a few days], they were accompanied by their team manager Satomi Anzaki to engage in practice with the basketball players from East Honmoku. They become friends with Yuito Hoshina, Mamoru Fujisawa, Satoshi Kadomatsu, Gen Yakushimaru and Katsumi Kusano, the official/main (I'm not sure how to put it) players.

They went on to prepare for the basketball competition. They managed to get into the finals. [They lost to East Honmoku, 96-97. East Honmoku were the champion team.] They won all the way to the finals but lost the championship title to Narita Chuoh, by a difference of 55 points. [Turned out that after the practice match, Narita Chuoh began working on strategies to defeat Mizuho.]

From then on, relationship between the teammates were very awkward. There was a new addition to the team, Toya Takashina. Due to too much pressure [and probably also an argument with Ishii] , Aikawa fell sick. He moved to his sisters' house to recuperate.

After he recovered, he began considering returning to Tendouji. [Becos of Ishii he thought that he was unwanted, *grumbles*] But the rest of the team appeared at his apartment and persuaded him to stay. And well, he did.

The series ended with them playing against their senpai [the basketball players in year 3, they're in year 2.] Then preparing for the Inter-high competition.


*~The end~*

[or at least for ACT I]





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