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Haiku is one of the most important forms of traditional Japanese poetry often consisting of 17 syllables, often three lines with 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. In western cultures, we've taken the haiku and made it our own - which means that it can be pretty far removed from what the Japanese masters had in mind. It can be a beautiful form of poetry nonetheless, even if it doesn't adhere to the original plan. This is one of mine:

naked trees shiver
embarrassed by autumn winds
branches akimbo

On the lighter side, we've done some wild and wacky things with it. It's a great source of entertainment for those of us who have an interest in words. If you're looking for serious haiku definitions and contents, this site may not be for you...but you're welcome to stay, look around...and please sign the guestbook and give me your opinion.

Recently I challenged my friends, including poets and writers as well as non-writers and poets, to write haiku for me. I got a great response! Some of them who hadn't had any experience writing haiku said that I got them hooked, and..voila! the title of this page. You'll find links to their pages below.

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Haiku By Friends

Marg and Me:
Haiku Blog!
A Joint Effort 2002

Donna and Rob

My Haiku

Random Thoughts
For Jake
For Max & Mitts

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Haiku Links

Haiku Central
Becoming A Haiku Poet
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Three Haiku by Haiku John
Visit his website, "Haiku Central"

late autmumn
through crooked branches
splintered shades of blue
restless night
out of the window
the world sleeps
under the bridge no music
for a moment

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