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"When faced with a mountain, have are not alone. Be still and listen. Follow the new path, for the goal is near...It is just around the next bend. Do not quit, my friend, for if you do, The Joy of the Journey will come to an end. Have faith...the mountain will open, allowing a passage through. If you believe in your dreams they will come true." - Thank you to Carmen Haakstad for allowing me to use his poem here.

Hi, and welcome to Morgan's Dream. This is my little mess on the web, constantly changing, never quite finished. I come here to think and tinker with things that are important to me - a divorced, past-her-prime, tall, poetry writer, camera wielder, photo tinkerer, Capriquarian animal lover, among other things.

I was born in Alberta, raised in several small towns, married at 18, had two babies, and raised them to the ages of 13 and 11 before I left the marriage. My children are the most important people in my life, so of course I don't regret the marriage. Another positive thing that came from this era was that I was able to take some post secondary education.

Being free of the insanity of my marriage gave me a huge feeling of empowerment. I didn't plan on ever remarrying. Then in 1989 I met a man who seemed to be a perfect match for me. I married him in 1990.

When things began to unravel shortly after the wedding I was bewildered. I waited until the summer of 1999 before I left him, wanting the marriage to last but knowing it couldn't. I carry some beautiful memories with me from the early days of this relationship.

Since I re-singled myself, I've become very set in my ways...and although I still dream, my dreams are different now.

"Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born." - Dr. Dale Turner

I've worked for and with some very wise and wonderful people over the years. I appreciate the opportunities I've been given and will never forget them. But I feel it's almost time to move on as I'll be eligible for my full pension at the end of June 2006! At that time I'll start thinking about doing some sort of entirely different part-time work as well as spending more time on my writing and other hobbies.

Thanks for visiting my website and plowing through to the (almost) end of this page. I hope you find something here that's meaningful to you. Before you go...please sign my guestbook as I love visitors and feedback. An entry in haiku format would be perfect! ;o)


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Something to think about:

"When you judge other people remember one overriding axiom: ‘Everyone is having a hard time’. Everyone is insecure. Everyone is hassled. Everyone is tired - we all need more sleep. Everyone wishes he had more courage, more money and better social skills. Everyone wants more glamour in his life, and we all desperately need more laughter. Few can figure out how they ended up living the life they lead. Don’t be misled by flippant talk; it’s a battle for everyone. Give people a break. It’s not easy doing a life." – Joshua Halberstam

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