Welcome to Minís Mini Lops.  My name is Marin and I am a homeschooled 4-H member. I just moved from Bakersfield, CA to southern Missouri and I brought all my rabbits with me. My love for rabbits began in the 4-H rabbit project.  A friend gave me a 7-year-old Mini Rex rabbit (Dolly) and I was hooked from there.  I still have Dolly; sheís 10 years old now.  Wow!!  I had a couple of different breeds before falling in love with the mini lop.  They are so good-natured and are a really nice sizeÖnot too big and not too small.  I have a very small rabbitry and I want to keep it that way so that I can continue to give each one of my rabbits special attention.  I handle all the kits from the time they are a couple days old so that by the time they are ready to be weaned they are very comfortable with people.  My goal is to improve my line and hopefully have some nice show rabbits and showmanship rabbits.   Even if you arenít interested in showing; Mini Lops are great pets and have wonderful personalities.  Please feel free to browse my website and if you have any questions or are interested in a rabbit please e-mail me at mmlops@sbcglobal.net .I check and respond to my e-mails every day so if you donít hear back from me please e-mail me again.
Last Update: August 21, 2006
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