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2nd Cight & 2ice Aware
A Living knowledge-wisdom bomb
It's time 2 wake up & turn ON your 2nd Cight
This is a profound and complex subject backed by scientific & experiential proof.
Yes, this site contains the tools to develop the latent ESP abilities we each posses.

& Its self paced, the part of us that's connected will never present a difficulty that you are not ready to face, in fact in most cases people report that within a few months they experience so many coincidences and such, that they are caught laughing to themselves. The only reason this is important is that in retrospect that is the point that each finally realized "I have been consciously interacting on a causal level all day and didn't even realize it. You'll notice others noticing something different in you, they will ask what it is that you are doing that brought about the change, hence the popularity of this wisdom. Listen to what you say, when you answer them, then laugh at your self, you'll know why.

If I just explained all you needed to know it would be a disservice and it would most likely backfire. You would have the knowledge without the experience, and this same knowledge will then undermine if not stop the process of learning to waking up. That being the goal, to wake up, and begin to interact consciously on the causal level. Once there is a critical mass consciously interacting with the causal, it accelerates and gets easier for everyone to do.

The lessons are not in lesson form, theirs no course outline or quizzes to test progress. But there are definite steps to take to wake up those latent abilities; in fact the order of the steps is unique to each of us. That's why normal instruction will not work where this wisdom is concerned. No one else can know (how you are) who you are better than you. As you will see the truth about ESP is we all already do it, all the time, in one form or another, mostly unconsciously. All the papers do is show how to bring it to the surface in the best way for each of us. ("…I wrote them and I have never reread one without gaining new insights, some of it is so profound I am amazed I wrote them…") We each must do all the lessons, only in the order that is unique to each of us.

The process of waking up has more to do with reorganizing and balancing your mind, emotions, body and attitudes than what you wold think is ESP training. It's a preparation to work directly with the creative forces that impenetrate and connect all of reality. But first one must maintain a stable balance within and without. As it turns out there is a whole bunch of stuff we hold, as truth, we hafta unlearn because is not true.

The lessons are contained in the short papers on my web sites, there are multiple lessons and levels within each paper. Once you get started in finding the "Truth of Being" matching coincidences is like picking up diamonds that were scattered in a field just for your enjoyment. But to get those abilities to the surface we must bring up other deep rooted beliefs that are not in alignment with the Truth of Being.

As your wisdom grows so do your trials, the real trials begin when dealing with the gifts. The trick is not to use them until needed in a trial, then you get more gifts, Not to use as you see fit but to use in conjunction with the creative forces. That is a mistake even the best fall for and all to often.

We all have different gifts there meant to work in conjunction with each other. Once one realizes we can wake up, the desire to remain asleep goes awry. If I must categorize this wisdom, I would say it is "CRITICAL NEED TO KNOW" for all humanity. Science is just beginning to prove its real and you can experience it yourself first hand, and prove it by using it in conjunction with others. That's what this site is all about. Getting to that critical mass. We are intimately connected to each other and the source, so turn on, tune in, and pay attention !
Its Time to wake up!

Please do not try to take it all in at once, it works best in small pieces.
It's not about the knowledge, it's about learning to manage your perceptions in a way…that…that's to easy to mislead and couldn't begin to explain…sorry.



Using Science, thought and logic to investigate the nature of knowledge and the process of knowing we examine ones now experience of reality, compared with, the perception of now, and ones experiential memory of reality.

Within the result we find similar information to action result patterns. These pattern's show common error's with the interpretation of that which we perceive. By noticing the internal processes that generate these patterns, we gain access with discretion to the process that form these patterns.

We can examine the degrees and ways of interpreting ones perception, degrees and ways of analyzing and compiling, degrees and ways of emotional responses, degrees and ways of action patterns, and degrees and ways of interpreting results and responding.

Then by developing and using ones consciousness to distinguish levels of Awareness i.e. Primary, secondary, and synergistic, levels of perception and internal programming are exposed. Memory recall-modes can be accessed, levels of knowing, levels of believing and levels of attachment can all be examined and refined. This is a process of creating and the balancing a truer-self-image.

Using a different view of the self to notice your primary awareness and striving to balance the parts. One learns to use mind and memory to examine perception and the automatic interpretation functions of the brain.

When we use this new conscious evaluator to distinguish belief from perception, revising the automatic interpretation of sense perception, we aid in the elimination of automatic reaction patterns, habits and end reoccurring patterns.


This site explores and exposes the metaphysical tools required to learn to consciously develop dormant processes of awareness.

Metaphysical tools to learn how to consciously define the awareness we each possess as primary and secondary allowing a dormant synergistic awareness to awaken. Just like the site name suggests,
I can show you how to turn on your ESP!

No kidding, and all you do is read the lessons and papers for the process to begin. You will start to notice things that you missed before, you will start to notice and question some of your automatic processes, inner self-image and world view. The knowledge-wisdom will assist you in facing some difficult questions as you get to know yourself. The best part is the noticing that Ah-ha, it's the kind of profound experience that changes your view of life.And that's only the beginning, it gets much better. You can chose the effectiveness of your own participation, I put it all out in an effort of severing to empower and hope if you have gained from this wisdom you might find a way to help where you find yourself needed.

The Knowledge-Wisdom can assist you in transforming your mind to be aware of, and interact with, a new level of being. Words alone cannot describe the wonders and abilities that await at the asking.

How hard is it to become conscious of, and learn to use, your psychic gifts?
The process is a lot easier than you think.
The most difficult part is balancing your understanding with your being!

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