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Created and maintained by Mark D R Stern, acknowledged by Cathay Che in Deborah Harry c 2000 (AKA Platinum Blonde c 1999 UK).
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Mark D R Stern and Deborah Ann Harry: Dallas 01/01/1996 (left) ; Fort Worth 03/17/1997 (right).
Road Rage Dallas/Grand Prairie 05/13/2006 PHOTOGRAPHS
Summer 2002 Funtime Tour photographs Las Vegas 08/13/2002 by Mark D R Stern
The Curse of Blondie
Released in August/September 2003 in Australia, the UK and Japan and released in the US April 2004.
The CD spawned one dance chart hit in the UK, "Good Boys". Both the UK single and the US CD have a CD-ROM video.
Band members explain that the title of the CD is due to the four years it took since their last album and the fact that it was recorded in New York in part during the 09/11/2001 time period. Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong.
October 01, 2002 Capitol/Chrysalis releases
Blondie Greatest Hits which contains 7 tracks not previously on the Chrysalis Blondie Greatest Hits 1981 release.
Billboard Pop Chart Statistics:
Heart of Glass #1 1979, The Tide is High #1 1980, Call Me #1 1980, Rapture #1 1981. Blondie hit the top 40 with Dreaming, One Way Or Another, Atomic, and Island of Lost Souls.
No Exit 1999
1999 No Exit Stills
28 Reasons to Love Jimmy Destri
Blondie: The Official Web Site
by Barry Kramer and Louis Bustamante
Deborah Harry Home Page
or The Deborah Harry Blondie Internet Service by Louis Bustamante
Blondie: The complete discography
iincluding the solo works of Deborah Harry by Louis Jones
Blondie, From Punk to the Present: A Pictoral History compiled by Allan Metz; a compilation of essays and photographic essays available from
A brief history of Deborah Harry and Blondie in my life...
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