travelling on G-889...

" We came to this planet a group of strangers. And now we head out still strangers, but united toward a single purpose, braving this new land. Four days ago, aliens landed on a distant planet, and we are them. Now, we struggle across an unknown planet, an uncharted world, looking all the while for that moment when we must fulfill our promise, and wondering what will stand in our way..".
( Devon Adair )

" Every day we discover only how much we have to learn. About this planet. How to survive here.
New Pacifica still beckons. For some, it's the place that holds the promise of Eden. For others it's our best hope to get home. We don't know how we'll get there.
Don't know what dangers lie ahead. But at least we have a guide now.
" ( John Danziger )

The planet G-889

The Eden advance crew

Inhabitants of G-889

The technology

Crew's diary

Stations life

The episodes

About a conclusion: G-889, a promise land ?


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