COPY-RIGHT           A MODERN GUIDE TO VEDIC COSMOLOGY / A VEDIC SCRIPT ON UNIVERSE AND OF WORLD CYCLE...BY THE VEDIC AUTHOR....MARAJ3TT ....PORT OF SPAIN... TRINIDAD......                             07/04/2001                                                                                                             "...They who, having restorted to this knowledge, have attained to UNITY with ME, are never borned in the Creation nor disturbed in the Dissolution...."....BHAGAVAD GITA                                                                                                                       For about six-million years or so(an estimate according to the VEDAS) does Creation remain manifested- till it's dissolved and re-manifested, with old and new things;all over again. Literally the "DAY and NIGHT OF LORD BRAHMA."At each state of manifestation(i.e.World-Cycle in GOOD CONTINUATION-note the terms "good continuation")another but newly-formed galaxy comes into being, to last for about six-million years, to be then dissolved, folded-up, or done-with. And momentarily all living creatures do abound. And until it's dissolved(or becomes LORD BRAHMA'S NIGHT),certain things stand to reason:1. that no other galaxy has life,2. only earth has life among the nine planets, and 3. Expansion of Universe is most assured.                                                                                                                                                  An expanding UNIVERSE ain't really expanding, in every direction"for all eternity(though from the NON-CREATION, that's ETERNITY)," as the senses would tell us. How so is simply because WIDER UNIVERSE possesses neither space nor time(as space but oxygen):Life nor Light(as a sealled coffin). And GOOD CONTINUATION also means that NON-TIME-SPACE(we assume two types: in a pseudo-time-space and the TIMELESSNESS-SPACELESSSNESS on which TIME-SPACE is presently resting upon- like mole beneath epidermis) cannot enter and affect TIME-SPACE and vice-versa.Water quickly rolls off a bubble. Many an ocean does  possess such ability in large amounts of fresh and salt waters. To which, WIDER UNIVERSE is in theory a thing non-existent or outside TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM.Yet it exists- like the Soul survives our deaths. Why?                                                                                                                                                                                                                To start with, each single galaxy from "outer space", the similar measure of a man having became but a six-million year old person.Another man/galaxy could be twelve-million years old, that the other man/galaxy yet eighteen-million years old and so forth. No galaxy is ever the same in age,per se.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             So that one by one,world-cycle after world-cycle,or good-continuation after good-continuation, a brand-new galaxy been thence added to an ageless Glactic-family.More like the sculptured arrangement of assorted light-bulbs, change these- same 'arrangement' remains; thus the unchanged formations of Constellations, Horoscopes, other star-groupings, the entire MILKY WAY,etc. Unlike anything of BIG BANG. Indeed is it fairly akin to slowly letting fall marbles or pebbles through any body of water. Suggesting here that like earth-materials being moved from up to down river- came these bright stars.Involving yet a soundlessness, a quiescene, a celestial silence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The SPACE-TIME-CONTIUUM long announced and admitted by Quantum-Theory as fact, is in fact a fact- but only with this present MILKY-WAY-GALAXY and no other galaxy. Below ocean's surface a submarine's still a submarine- with its own organized supplies and resources.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          So that theoretically all of us living-beings do abide in a TIME-SPACE-BUBBLE- of abundant TIME-SPACE-QUANTITIES and QUALITIES.- shielded from an illusion that's" WIDER UNIVERSE."                                                                                                                                                                                                 An illusion that's  pseudo-alive, pseudo-bright, pseudo-happening. You look through-out it and observe strange wonders. Hardly expecting that this too must also be folded-up(i.e. be dissolved) at CLOSURE OF WORLD-CYCLE-or LORD BRAHMA'S NIGHT- as all things MUST.Like a computer-screen they disappear(when off) and reappear(when put on again). Or as roots of an up-rooted plant, to cease branching themselves afar but wet and soon cluster  together.                                                                                                                                                                         9/4/   Each galaxy, like each star, is in the direct possession of some aspect, a person would call a "force-field"- to us as with the stars- its very own "SPACE-ENERGY".Which in itself provides most stars with the bouyancy and a repulsive- or centrifugal-force. That to understand one is to understand the other.So either star or galaxy, here's our reasoning. Take ten or so marbles and place them in a small tank of water. Of course they don't suddenly float upward. Now were each marble of an inherent Space-Energy, and what you may be getting  is a "filled" water-tank(with only ten marbles, of coures!). Regardless numbers of marbles, once tank is 'filled' no other star or marble might become so additional- or added- among those already therein.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Space-Energy fills up Space( that's TIME-SPACE) and that of a particular star.It keeps every star light-years apart- this how it extends; not necessarily "expands itself".That no other star aught come in-between. Thus ELEVENTH STAR/MARBLE could very well end-up floating above all the rest of stars/marbles, as cream goes to the surface whenever milk been heated sufficently.But because TIME-SPACE and NON-TIME-SPACE are naturally in constant motion,  one finds- however rare an event of colliding stars(which was more common, or everyday at early periods of Time). Some how "eleventh star" managed to squeezed through and joined star-system.Which also began to expand more and more continously, not by weigh nor sheer size.Imagine an hour-glass with much sand above and less sand below.Without bottom-glass ever expanding, no more sand-grains falls through glass-neck. But because TIME-SPACE grows, or keeps expanding; few grains of sand do get to fall through- thereby "creating" chaos among those that're below. So that a roller-coaster track,or space-road been erected for "eleventh star." 
       10/04      Yet eleventh-star,descending from an above "space-pile" of other stars( a star-pile as if some heavy person, or thing was resting directly in the middle of a water-bed); is literally void of a greater space-energy- than the rest that're at the bottom,or of typical star-groupings.It receives a strange welcome and uncommon( in today's world,or universe) demise. Like that of a huge ball momentarilly being passed from person to person forming a huge ring, though a curly one at that: till like a virus in penetrating cell-host, or sperm an egg, eleventh-star of a lesser space-energy( and massive size,also) does compromise the other star's space-energy and domain- thus colliding and finally destorying each other.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Yet still  is space-energy that and not of TME-SPACE-CONTIUUM. Dip a finger into ink, and ink-impression remains with finger inside or outside ink-pot. Space-Energy for only galaxies, stars, suns, planets,moons,etc.,likewise does behave(whether either is in or out of TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM)to protect, shield, hold-apart, and bouy- the ones to enter its Pot of Time-Space. And why the stars haven't  yet fell down from the heavens. Since it matters not the many above,but the below few-to stretch exterior of a stocking.The latter having entered into TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM first had then received or absorbed, or in control more space-energy than those which might have fell into TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM later on. And why not altogether- like when emptying a bucket of pebbles- is really because a star's origin was really  a tiny speck of gold-dust when compared to the" person" behind TIME-SPACE- to slowly meet the face of mirror.With Space-energy, those firstly below would begin behaving like one builds a house of cards- only first star holds up two, and these two but five stars and so forth. Dust-particle but a thing lighter than water, though heavier than air. The same reckoning we have applied.                                                                                                                  Thus SPACE-ENERGY can envelope and be emanated from both star and galaxy altogether. Cause of this, the interior is similar- in proformance- with the exterior of a galaxy. Outside ink-pot, or Time-Space-Contiuum, or within NON-TIME-SPACE. Mainly the shift is like water to seek "PATHS OF LEAST RESISTENCE." In however full or empty oneself perceives WIDER UNIVERSE, is it already filled to the brim, with few pockets of pseudo-space actually here or there to even stick a pin- due to a concept of space-energy. Which too is Space, of Space, and yet is in the "whims and fancies" of another(like star, sun, planet, moon, etc.).                                                                                                                                                   With a Universe of TIME-SPACE, and pseudo-TIME-SPACE, either way is it one big game of musical-chairs. Only the quest, like us humans, is location, location, location. That the minute a space-location becomes "vacant" enough to inhabit, or overthrow another star's or galaxy's SPACE-ENERGY; it's going to be "filled" as soon as possible- since in general does Nature abhor a vacuum, regardless how things are themselves changing.
   Thus Mass(like Energy) will seem to became somewhat of an eternal stuff. As they say. That were our MILKY-WAYU at earth's equator, then could a now vacent space-location, existing south be either filled by an once North-based star or galaxy, or as often with the former (i.e. of the stars) be inhabited by another star- now descending itself from yonder heavier "pile of stars" .                                                                                                                        But unlike the fun-giving musical-chairer. Within the Universe it's that star left without a seat(or space-domain) which ends up viturally fighting for its own survival. Hence a colliding of two stars. How shrewd a game- eh! Just when we thought that the Universe had nothing new to offer.                                                                                                                                              Nothing is ever added-to, nor substracted-from MASS/ENERGY - goes the THEORY OF RELATIVITY. In size and strength it has none to compare. Mass/Energy wasn't meant to compete with any other.Still the questions remain whether the MASS/ENERGY of TIME-SPACE is as self-sufficent or not to the MASS/ENERGY OF NON-TIME-SPACE. Is TIME-SPACE a balloon being slowly blown, expanding, bigger and bigger, is it really expanding, can it bottle-neck itself, has it an outside,inside, or unknown force sustaining it?                                                                                                                              For us, we do know that TIME-SPACE(i.e. Relativity) just aint a lone wolf. That there's some BEginning or Origin- called" META-RELATIVITY" - both Space and Time  origin from./ Meta-Relativity's something like the set-up to flim a movie or produce an opera. Requiring a lot of artifical and natural props. It's typically above "Leval of Relativity" as a person ascends out of a deep hole: to sky and sun-light.                                                                                                                 21/04/What mirrors META-RELATIVITY( as a solid too) is exactly that which causes it to reflect Relativity and Relativity but Wider Universe.A periscope of parts and extentions, does a similar job. No one wide awake suddenly  walks into a dream- he bound first enter a sleep arrangement, know how to exit and re-enter again. AS if were opening or closing a periscope of LIFE/MIND.                                                                                                                   For the stuffs of dreams are yet mere reflections indistinguishable from his waking moments- albeit an emphasis to be "guarded against" many a night-time pitfall.Fact is that he becomes wiser at dreaming than as a waking person. A something, we guess, on him to perfect like with ESP, Clairvoyance etc., but only as a dream-person in Good Continuation.                                                                                                              And because the aforementioned threefold are literally"Good Continuations" themselves( or parts and extentions of a Good Continuation), and might be collectively considered of World-Cycle in Good Continuation; yet we aught arrive at: META-RELATIVITY, RELATIVITY, AND A pseudo-RELATIVITY. Since in general both ENERGY and MASS are mere reflections of Meta-Relativity. Cannot be returned to the Meta-Relativity from whence they were dormant and so shall need be discarded- in due time.Or put another way, that inside the META-, what for us is Space is the Spaceless(and the Timeless) and what for us is Time, is a power-supply "connected" to ETERNITY the NON-CREATION, through the Meditator's Prism( i.e. the LOTUS-POSITION) in the likes of a PRIMAL PERSONALITY of the LORD SHIVA- thus making Relativity(i.e. our own TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM) a suitable light-bulb: seeming bright within, though without appearing, if ever, non-lit, or curtained-off too. l                                                                                                                                                              Since in theory is Relativity (U) very, very much unlike the qualities and quantities of Meta-Relativity(M) and pseudo-Relativity(A) altogether. In fact, supposedly, is it "more added to" THE mETA- (AS WITHIN DEEP-SLEEP)" than thereupon pseudo-RELATIVITY( as within Waking). Like oneself sees or experiences when dreaming those subtle things not necessarily seen nor experienced whenever wide awake!And dreams shouldn't be discounted as "mere nothings".Dreaming an ability( moreso a disability- it momentarily confines the dreamer:- to bed,to sleep, to pleasure, to pain) passed on from generation to generation. Though basically a psychological activity/anti-activity of Mind, it yet exists and talents forth.                                                                                                                                                                                 And perhap[s is it better to conceive dream-ability/disability as a sixth-sence- a something like our eleventh-star- that's far apart from the other five senses. The latter at the base, the former stationed above and like a basket with eggs, containing all the possiblities of the others. Or to bats are our hands( activenesses) good for "clinging" whenever we're  awake, though do  become like wings the moment we start a-dreaming and are likely less complacent.                                                                                                                                                                                   No dream at all is RELATIVITY(i.e. this present Time-Space-Contiuum.). Never think so. It's that once super-imposed upon,compared to or then transcended into META-RELATIVITY-however slightly- does RELATIVITY seem an unusual phenomenon, as illusion, a dreary way in which to base ones whole existance. When other States of Existance are beckoning, calling out for exploration, an Aspirant's final-release and Self-Perfection.                                                                                                                                    Most of us will readily understand a difference between Deep-Sleep and Dreaming. Such States do abound is sufficent evidence that WORLD-CYCLE in Good Continuation aught possess an one and many GOOD-CONTIONUATION-types: regardless whether we know  them or not. Some have a Beginning, others none at all. Dreams themselves  don't have Beginings and Endings. They're simply "passed on,"skipping from ship to ship, parent to child- once the need arises.                                                                                                                                                                                      26/04/  Mind maybe similar to Time-Space, but never bigger than.Though some of it indeed might through(Heart- and Mind/Crown )  MEDITATION then transcend very same Space and Time- by becoming oneself "THE ATMAN", THE "KUNDALINIC MAN", THE "SELF-ILLUMINED" and so on. For even our finite notions analogous to Space will not suffice. If we keep considering Space as one-, two-, or three-dimentional. Comes like the colour Red. Our instruments may gladly pick up  other less defined shades and yet what they're still, like ourselves, are doing- is to measure a land-mass, as if it was the only land-mass perceptible from within our space-ocean. The Timeless( or Meta-Realivity) has two "sides" and therefore two very distinct sign-posts. One to the Lord Shiva, the Psychic Personality of GODHEAD-and ETERNITY the Non-Creation, and another that's the HALL OF KNOWLEDGE and LIGHT( unto other NON-CREATIONS and SELF-REALIZATION, of course not every Liberated Being will attain Self-Realization- sometimes this isn't necessary to gain). An egg also "demands"  two opposite strong-points- if only to remain impenetrable. That gaining one doesn't necessarily translate a-gaining of the other.                                                                                                                           Hence Mind, truely instead of Space. But Mind in a sence whereby both having-a-dream and deep-sleeping are like two acorns together held in the palm. A phenomenon our lesser minds would struggle much implement simultaneous. With Godhead( as a third party), Universe(or world-cycle), Law of Duality- is such rather the norm.                                                                                                                                How so?Is simply because of Mind's sequentail defect of dialysis:- to veiw and comprehend matters predominantly viewable and comprehensible themselves- and little for what they actually are. What shark knows the rose or oak tree?That Mind cannot seem to experience deep-sleep and a dream at the same time. While it could be doing same; even  when reporting on an opposite- it does not at all.To which, better than sitting in the Lotus and heart-meditating- fixed and stilled- it literally traps itself( and the dreamer that's oneself) in its own web-like devices- thinking how waking be done, so too aught be dreaming- and vice-versa. But it is never so!                                                                                                                                      Cause whatever true-dreaming ( SOUL-YOU, NON-SOUL-YOU and the SPIRIT/SOUL)entails is something closely related to Heart-Meditation and World-Cycle in GOOD CONTINUATION ( Time-Space=Timeless-Spaceless=Eternity)as well: to attain or enter Advancements already therein, already provided for, already wonderous Realities- no dream ever mimics- and not mere reflections of such "Realities," requiring still yet certain Vedic detachments and Yogic preparations to aquire and so transcend. For what is the Light of Atma, the Gestalt of Kundalini, the Crown-Chanka?- the knower of the field must know.                                                                                                                                                  "...This, the body, O Disciple, is called the field; him who knows it, they who know of them, call"the knower of the field...." ....BHAGAVAD GITA                                                                                                                                                                                    Thus Energy( like waking/dreaming) can't become a non-energy( like deep-sleep) and Non-Energy but energy. Though it could be harnessed and disciplined towards a single purpose- as in Yoga, Meditation, Power-plant. Energy might be itself turned into a negative outlet. Not that it willingly goes away on its own. Like a greedy sponge it becomes, absorbing then not more negative energy, per se,but those less and still "negative".                                                                                                                                          In less likely knowing how black-holes came about, has Science regulated them as possesssing either negative- or anti-energy- as some would overall or tuxedo. Which one you do the choosing. Yet ours is that they are totally against any other outside from of energy, besiding that of an approaching star's brightest ray of light.As super-nova's about to die.                                                                                                                                                                                A black-hole in Relativity( Sin. Uni) will differ much to one of pseudo-Relativity(Mulp. Uni.): as pitch from asphalt. That the self-same process our Sin.Uni is heading towards, Multi.Uni. "has" already been through. Since Closure of WORLD-CYCLE doesn't necessarily reason that "all" is yet at a Closure. Various transcendental processi do take over- even with intent/non-intent an opening of next WORLD-CYCLE.For what the Ancients knew as SELF-REALIZATION- as oppose, or seperate from SELF-ILLUMINATION, OF HIGHEST SPLENDOR, though theirs was a "mere glimpse/experienced," for GODHEAD( the then BRAHMAN/KRISHNA) is it seemingly an "endless" form of the purest of Enlightenments- at a Level of INFINITY the NON-CREATION:beginingless and endless, mind you.                                                                                                                                             There's another name( and continuity) to this type of SELF-REALIZATION- we mustn't give. But what been termed "BRAHMA'S DAY" is when the LORD BRAHMA as the LORD BRAHMAN/KRISHNA(SUPREME PERSONALITY OF SUPREME PERSONALITIES) then regains this INFINITE and MOST YOGIC OF SPLENDORS- reserved only for the truest enjoyment and rejuvenation of the BRAHMAN/KRISHNA. One gets but a sip, a tiny idea to the BRAHMA as the BRAHMAN/KRISHNA. OR what could be said that there's WORLD-CYCLE  in GOOD CONTINUATION(NIGHT) and there's this SELF-REALIZATION(DAY)to the BRAHMA-BRAHMAN/KRISHNA, a there's SELF-ILLUMINATION( actually "SOUL-ILLUMINATION"-as it brings  not entire  WORLD-CYCLE at Closure but that "role" Soul been earlier playing; that Soul-you becomes a Super-SOUL, though no META-SOUL yet of META-RELATIVITY- it still needs progress or evolve further, unto the latter Level) and there's Thought/Mind-Body to the Soul(-You).Thus '' Soul-Illumination''-however so joyous- only befits an advancing "Soul", proir its probably attainment of Self-Realization(or Infinity the Astic Non-Creation)-by such Soul's entry into HALL OF KNOWLEDGE and LIGHT.                                                                                                                                                                             05/05/01  So it's which kind of a Black-Hole is being referred to. Hence Black-Hole( for Relativity)  and pseudo-Black-Hole(for pseudo-Relativity). What a BL-HO POSSESES WE'LD RATHER RENDER THE "EXTERIOR CORE" of Anti-Energy(and anti-gravity)and "interior core"of Non-Energy(and non-gravity) and treat these as were bears hibinating for the winter. Or like the story Snow-White, in "awaiting" someone or something(that of supernova's or star's single-ray of brilliance) to awake them up.To penetrate densest interior and alight thereupon its inmost "core of a pure-white and pure-perfect PSYCHIC MASS"-Light to Light exact.Thus BL-HO could have three types of  inner-cores.The best (if so) remainder or proof of a black-hole- upon its moment of awakening- is yet that of an entire Solar-System- after much of it then abandons our time-space-contiuum and the Timelessness-Spacelessness to soon enter a bright-starry HALL OF KNOWLEDGE. Therein sun's side of Meta-Relativety is such a PLACE be found- to contribute more Knowledge of Godhead, Vedas, Yoga, Singularity, Non-Creation, Life(the giving up of ones LIFE-IDENTITIES, like then those Egotistic and Creational), Soul-progress; unto male or female who dares go in. Since two other  just as special Non-CREATIONS(thats INFINITY, thats SAMADHI/NIRVANA) yet await discovery and wonderment. In a nut-shell, on sun's side to the META-  sights to behold as sun seems a less-large orb black with small deep-bluish prominences or flames encompassing it. An once brilliant Sun or Ctrown-Chanka for now; only a turn of ones gaze(west)and there's this wide rectangular looking thing, white-glowing on the other side: the HALL OF KNOWLEGDE and LIGHT- through which one flees towards, enters and begins absorbing the Knowlegdes therein, as a sun-bather but its rays;- a wonderous experience to attain. That soon in going deeper inside, he's enough to move a Level higher, completes what then needs be done: thus preparing himeslf to learn and understand more and more the DIVINE as the BRAHMAN/KRISHNA, moreso as the only PURE SOUL OF INFINITY-when THIRD-EYE is opened, and of the NON-CREATION "SAMADHI"-with THIRD-EYE closed.                                                                                                                                                   For why Yoga, Meditation, and MIND-BODY( the physical self)?We'll digress somewhat and say that were mind-body a plot of land, then concealled herein is the golden-kernel of KUNDALINI- whose attainment and eventual spouting(squirt?) could lead to  some trouble in mastering.Like humming bird. it allows an individual to hover mid-air, penetrate and leave things transcendental or mystical. Causung him to advance higher and higher- from this mundane plane- while still keeping him, in its own fashion, but "connected" to mind-body as were an astral-string in disguise.Those discarnated from world cannot possess this Kundalini-force. Since-only in theory- us living-beings would only atain that State for which we've been quite prepared for, with most of us there's really no KUNDALINIC-LEVEL and therefore no Kundalinic Manhood in which to beheld ourselves. Life always does have an other-side-of-the-coin. Example: our Kundalic Man, prior present incarnation, was then more Cosmic than Kundalinic- the same "person"- only greater evloved. So with Meditation, Yoga, Vedic Science, etc.,you'll find something of a new-growth(and title) upon that which's ever a thing eternal- that's the Life-Soul indeed.                                                                                                                                                                 08/05/   Or can we say that to implement any(non-difficult) yogic-exercise, is how  an Aspirant comes to know the fragile-fragmentary of Mind- his place in the Universe or Cosmos of Mind, as a mere asteroid or ever-pleasent sun, that is, its(or his) strengths and weaknesses in (1)conforming with a stillness or firmness of YOGA,(2)how    much more  be yet mastered or perfected(i.e. how highly is he evolved), and (3) whether he can take "attained firmness" of Mind(i.e. Mental Control) deeper still through HEART OR MIND MEDITATION as if could seemingly be at  Edge of Universe, standing or sitting upright; thus allowing the esoteric and the Brahmic to take him beyond these moving things of Mind and unto a permanancy and non-momenta of the HIGHER or NON-MIND- not his Mind.                                                                                                                                                             09/05/    The NON-MIND is of course much more- than one could ever fathom . For It: Edge, Beginning, Middle,Ending loose( or re-new)  their meanings. That to obtain, puts anyone and/or any galaxy(of Multiple Universe?) directly at Edge, centre, back, or front of Universe. Non-Mind does not translate a decrease( or decrepit)nakedness of Consciousness. It heightens the Conscious into the WHOLE.While there's Yoga in being maintained perfectly by oneself:with or without CROWN-CHANKA.The Whole temporarily becomes of every aspect (and non-aspect) of the Aspirant. Yoga enriches POWER,CONCENTRATION, FORWARD-STEP unto "strange territory." Mind you, 'with Crown Chanka,' you get to learn alot! Since the WHOLE is neither "full nor empty."Like Deep Sleep, It allows precious Time-Energy enter into oneself: freely and abundantly....( here we leave out some thoughts for another time... )                                                                                                                                        In returning. Black-Holes/Bears whose wake up call simply ain't of this world(or universe- as is the rule) . The Immortality of Soul would hardly support its total demise or utter destruction.A Good Continuation also.So that once awakened either for Bl-Holes through the Non-Energy of Meta-Relativity, they go, as that other than the "caterpillers' for which they'ld been cocooned cause of. In that Life's flip-side-of coin says that the Advanced be ever freed from both mundane desires and thoughts, the moment he'll transcend this earthly realm. Because just as desire/thought has "push" to Mind, like a balloon or leaf in the wind, so too has the desireless/thoughtless but "push" and stamina by the wind-in-wind- hence Kundalini Gestalt.                                                                                                                                                 But is it their awakening we must better explore. Everything leaves its mark. A sword aught not leave a mark on water goes the saying. And yet water has left its mark, if momentarilly, upon sword, a wet sword too boot! Subsequent to which  a Solar-System(i.e. Cosmos) is borned, or preserved,or regained this way. And because BL-HOLES do generally contain some knowledge of World, Universe, Life, Soul-Illumanation, Positive or Psychic Energy- is it easy to fathom. As lovely flame attracts moth, so does " darkest BL-HOLE" the brightest star. A BL-HOLE status usually endures a few thousand years, Discarnation but hundreds. BL-HOLE traps and sucks down super-nova into itself, like one wheels in kite or fish, and planetizes then disgorges selfsame transformed star-matter, leaving thus in its wake, space,place, a brand-new cooling Cosmos. Proof of star's demise is in the minor planets or astroids presently orbitting Mars and Jupiter, or the billions of meteroids scattered throught-out the Solar-System. Since like earth's, has star an outer- and inner-core. .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
The brightest star's about to "die"(DISINTEGRATE) anyway. Certain concepts(bibical, mythical)become it, that before World's manifestation, a something very, very luminous and illustrious once "fell" from the Heavens(in our case here but into a BLACK-HOLE). Around Solar-corner, another Cosmos might yet inhabit living dinosaurs. Since BL-HOLES are literally in the hundreds and super-novas in the thousands. And while earth may be as old as four-billion years, are the prehistoric fossiles therein found?Or due to star's yet lingering atomic- and BL-HOLE'S PSYCHIC- energy, the planet's early, seemingly macabre inhabitants: what shapes and sizes they then attained. It's an open field- Theory of Evolution ain't all that green and rosy the best step forward.                                                                                                                                                                                       BLACK-HOLES are like being in a State of DEEP-, DELTA- or Non-REM-SLEEP..."some people define this kind of sleep as  STATE  in which an active brain functions in a paralysed body...."And so are both internal and external "cores" of BL-HOLES. To function outside(and beyond) a scheme of anti- and negative-energy- they are highly advanced and more complex than most forms. To which flows of anti-time/time energy disturb them not. Anti-Anti-Energy( or their "bowelled", though handful of radient Psychic-Mass)- which been achieved way, way aloft present TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM as within HEART-CHANKA-MEDITATION- whereby the SOUL-you of Mind-Control/EGO- aught submerge itself BL-HOLE-like a NON-SOUL(-you) of Mental-Control/ the "TELEPATHIC", while deeper keeps the Heart's HALL OF DHARMIC LIFE and LIGHT or inner-inner SPIRIT/SOUL OF ULTIMATE BEAUTY and TRUTH- and again Anti-Energy. Of Anti-Energy are there two types- thus anti-anti-energy/mass/gravity. Energy and its host go together. Energy and Anit-energy is one and the same thing. A wall's ability to deny tables ever getting through, isn't only about atoms and their densities. If Energy cannot be controlled,its anti-energy-feature increases. A BL-HOLE's own anti-energy wouldn't allow an anti-energy of Time-Space to merge with it. While similar either own level of anti-energy may seem anti-energy/energy but from sources unlike the next. A  full glass of milk will neither take-in more milk(therefore anti-milk and anti-flow), nor more air-molecules( therefore anti-molecules, and if one's not careful, might be anti-touch). In fact, for BL-HOLE, IS ENERGY on one side(left) and anti-energy on the other(right)- hence our hints of its inmost "Psychic Mass". A "two" already filled to the brim. One with a more refined energy/mass, the second of no energy/mass or Non-Energy. Fullness too avoids fullness. NON-ENERGY- for where BL-HLOES are(at the edge or bossom of META-RELATIVITY) do comprise but only NON-ENERGY- and NON-MATTER, and NON-THOUGHT/ACTION/DESIRE too. No other realm can claim to possess the Threefold therein WORLD-CYCLE in GOOD CONTINUATION.Though another does, to be reached at CLOSURE of World Cycle.                                                                                                                                                                                        09/05/01 No Cosmic-Drains are they. This like comparing an intake of air- only to have puncture-wounds expel same and yet wanting tire to turn smoothly. T.S.C. is essentailly a rotating disc-disc( outer and inner) of Mass and Energy. Would BL.HOLES be the spokes?                                                                                                                                                         Negative-energy is much a sucker for so-called Positive-Energy. Energy has from.Especially an one negative, untrained, stressed-out. Mind little perceives Energy-form.A person below water least accounts the next level: above or below. In fact Mind cannot conceive Energy as falling water on a rock. Something pours on and downward. Mind rather rises- more like a bird in flight. Sence-objects, need-drives, doubts, fears bring not such about.Sad its limits. Albeit do Relativity, ourselves, heavenly bodies all depend on energy for survival 0r continuity. Relativity should be building-up huge volumns of energy, and yet it doesn't, so put the excess on BL. HOLES and solve the riddle- says Science.                                                                                                                                                                                  But Science looks not at Time as an essential from of energy/momentum excess in itself. Nor its capability to push things along like the wind. Nor is TIME-ENERGY a positive-flow. What men call "positive energy" only looks so, as it basically does not possess shape nor form. Just as vapour before reaching cloud-level. POSITIVE-ENERGY(from our sacred works, thoughts, deeds) usually tend to migrate somewhere distant- too distant for later unkind works, thoughts,deeds to ruin. Our Relativity can't handle a pure flow of positive- or Psychic-energy. This wasn't meant to be.Nor our Minds still yet massive bursts of insights/brilliances. Through the meditating LORD SHIVA(supposedly for an hour)is Psychic-energy continously being transform into a weaker, constant TIME-ENERGY- which Relativity seems best at tolatering and tempering ad infinitum. Hence Relativity's status as a Good-Continuation.                                                                                                                                                                                         15/05/01          All is going east; all goes eastly.This what a GOOD CONTINUATION strongly suggests. Nothing flees its Maya( or bondage), until its time, till World Cycle be brought at a Closure: for us living beings- "BRAHMA'S NIGHT," for the BRAHMAN/KRISHNA- is "BRAHMA'S DAY."Furthermore a GOOD CONTINUATION ALSO TRANSLATES that nothing is ever that good nor bad: active nor inactive: pure nor impure- to affect, to alter,to cease Course of WORLD CYCLE in GOOD CONTINUATION.A phase we repeat, cause many the concerns why the Supreme Deity hasn't seen it yet most fitting to "end the world-" or why should quick judge an ignorant race?                                                                                                                           Fact is that BL.HOLES are more self-sufficent(in DEEP-SLEEP)than our TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM(is in Dreaming/Waking).See them and you merely see the tips of such ice-bergs. More gigantic are they than what's our view from this minute planet. In truth, theirs no true diameter and circumference as would cosmic things.                                                                                                                            LIFE indwell Life; Life stives on Life; Life seperates Life- hence an ancient concept of the SEVEN CHANKAS for HIGHER ATTAINMENTS and EGO(i.e. MIND-CONTROL,as opposed to MENTAL-CONTROL OF HEART-MEDITATION)for Individuality/Personality. The human-personality can barely even reveal much of LIFE'S pie-chart: a-wider, a-whole, a-perfect. And so much of what Life rather not limit itself to- as fish in a bowl.                                                                                                                           PSEUDO-BLACK-HOLES are monstrous ones "...weighing more than a billion times the mass of our sun- grew on a diet of stars and gas controlled by their host galaxies... while our MILKY WAY habours black holes with only a few million solar masses...."Why this disparity? Is because p-B.H.'s do have that solitary luxury to consume anything. They seem to live- they should. To Relativity they don't, Relativity alone does (in this case). That now Relativity lives no more( for these), they the challange- in picking up the slack. Compare and note: the PAST( DREAMING) is the PRESENT( WAKING) and the PRESENT is the PAST:- two universal acorns held in the palm.                                                                                                                                                                                             BY which both RELATIVITY and pseudo-RELATIVITY would scarcely ever notice the intrinsic differences with each other. Such differences are obvious when compared to the former. Nonetheless with p-RELA. one gets a "MULTIPLE UNIVERSE", and for RELATIVITY a " SINGLE UNIVERSE."                                                                                                                                                                                     15/05/01 That our "supposed" newest and youngest galaxy of Multiple Universe is in the Andromeda. Due to its boundless grandeur and close proximity to present Single Universe; our assumption is that Andromeda a Single UniVERSE of last WORLD CYCLE, with yet small apperant traces of TIME-SPACE.In short, a Time-Space-Contiuum- on one hand- virtually does not exist. It really cannot. Aught least be relative a thing. Like ones entry into a dream-state-reality, for this becomes a relative-thing too.And still both SIN.UNI. and MULT.UNI., even "Andromeda" will be needing a microscope to find our MILKY WAY( SIN.UNI.).The latter in the likes of LIVING and NON-LIVING THINGS. Each galaxy to MULTIPLE UNIVERSE was once upon a time a certain T.S.CON. A dream-illusion, seeing that either came along one after the other; like hour to hour, hours to day, days to week, weeks to month, months to year, etc. Or that WORLD-CYCLE IN GOOD CONTINUATION generally takes about six-million years before it ends, is dissolved by the SHIVA'S ASPECT OF LORD BRAHMA, upon completion of HIS "PSYCHIC MEDITATION." Or that a Dissolution( Closure) can appear to last longer than any given Manifestation(W.C. IN GOOD CONTINUATION). Since a BRAHMA'S NIGHT to goes for just one mere second- meaning of "GOOD CONTINUATION" again?- that the BRAHMA like Yoga, never fails!                                                                                                                                               Look at planet Mars again, and you'ld hardly suspect that ti was our earth of self-same past WORLD CYCLE. That Creation isn't new at all and still was Andromeda brand new- but to Multiple Universe, of course!Or moreso be perceived as if were a nail just yesterday been magnetized. And why galaxies closer to our Sin.UNI are babyish in age, not necessarily in size- they do still contain slight traces of TIME-SPACE, those older just don't possess such traces any more.Why older galaxies are yet closer, old ones further, will depand on age and "newness" of rubber-bands.Elasticity might present us an answer- or actual weight of galaxies:  feather vs lead( time-space and anti-time-space).                                                                                                                                                       Since to some extent those "MULTIPLE"(if we may) are verily " on path towards their own demises."Few people do suffer from a rare disorder whereby white-cells( of immune response) would "attack" the tissues of organs internal- we can't recall its name. BL HOLES of MULTIPLE UNIVERSE, will likewise behave. But never "in time" to destory entire pseudo-galaxy. Cause World Cycle soon ends, is somewhat restored( patched-up) in "Closure", to repeat or continue pseudo-galaxy's destruction in "GOOD CONTINUATION." sTILL A QUESTION remains to what galaxies "out there" are Astronomers reporting upon- with their BL. HOLES this and BL.HOLES that. Did they examined younger galaxies for their virtually inactive BL.HOLES? Why inactive?Cause theirs a keen balance between small traces of both TI.SPACE and pseudo-TIME-SPACE. Content what matters. Like hunger is to an ant, or what is coldness to rain? And not 'those Multiple' be rated and judged the same?                                                                                                                                         To say that Andromeda( and such baby-galaxies) but true or fake TIME-SPACE a CONTIUUM, could very much depand on whatsoever amounts of TI-SP-ELEMENTS they still enjoy- being previous T.S.C's THEMSELVES. Was MULT.UNI. ever of one or no galaxy a "time" then?It's quite tempting a reply. BIG BANG THEORY more has it that all these galaxies were "made manifest" at the very same hour or minute. And began flying away  from each other, although less than twenty billion years ago. Yet the more HUBBLE peers through Space-curtain, we see not the youngest nor oldest of galaxies but youthful ones- adolescents as it were, in the millions. Big Bang confuses the subject. Or do we go from adolescents to grand-grands to baby-galaxies. And that our SIN.UNI. a result of some ancient, but long vanished, or altered, grand-parent- galaxy. Mult.Uni must have a visual record for such a joy and sorrow respectively. Since the Andromeda and its baby-friends are literally surrounded by older galaxies. Those old-ones though many distances away. And so, could any expansion provide us a truer age of universe?- perhaps!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Time is an energy-in-flow. Firstly is it being sent into SIN.UNI to spread itself out (by its own volatility or gravity's), like mountain's stream into a lake or sea.Only the moment Time reaches vast lake of MULI.UNI., it then begins to change itself and become an alternative-force, a centrifugal-one( used loosely), not the centripetal-force known to us as Time-flow, or tree's tranquil essential-energy to grow and keep leaf green."Green" in that our SIN.UNI. is like a broad leaf yet on a tree, and still growing( or expaniding/ non-expanding).The minute leaf falls off tree it just doesn't disintegrate(fall into pieces) all at once- till it enters a lake.Members of MULT.UNI are such in a 'vast lake'. Nature mimics, rarely invents. And why same members young, old, older have largely kept most of their leaf-like or galactic-features( in shape and size).Then becomes an active pseudo- BL.HOLE but a literally "a worm in the leaf"                                                                                                                                                                                             For older galaxies is Time-energy sheer destructive a force. When rigor mortis sets in what then is there?Like to put sea-fish in fresh water. And why the TIME-ENERGY OF TIME-SPACE really doesn't abide for them. They share in no Space and no Time.
  31/05/01   And how they behave shouldn't be perceived as happening within  SIN.UNI.- AS NOW MEASURED AND UNDERSTOOD.We humans may see them, they not us; since a TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM is like any given bubble or enclosed thing. To which it then literally blows away everything from its path, slow perhaps, and yet of hundreds of miles per second. We usually cannot see the wind, though we are all aware of its wind-like aspects. We humans may see with a pin-point precision those of MULT.UNI., they not us-to repeat this point.                                                                                                                                                               Cause in "re-constructing"( a term we do know to be strange to many- with BIG BANG at that) a Universe- virtually out of nothing( and for a period of  no more than ten-million years)- then certain principles aught best be defined, compared to and applied. A fresh horse goes faster, a thirsty desert but fails. And Universe, they say, is largely without Cause and Effect. So is a dream, until you mightn't come out of it. The pieces fall into the puzzle and yet no"cause and no effect?"Does Universe(commonly given as one,single Manifestation)exist? Ask the Enlightened Yogi; ask those long "deceased."To them, what they found is that things are by far even more that differently experienced, expressed, or explored than the Mind's Eye could ever had imagined, conceived, or dreamt of. And why?                                                                                                                          Earlier we indicated that a Duality of Universal Order(of two distinct Universes) does presently abide, have always been abiding, and Mind knows not about. If the air we breath was water, right now we would be fish, and this where the rational of Order enters in. That were we also without this breathable element of air, or the Breath, then could we be as different as those who breath and live in Universal Duality. Our sense of "beingness" would be either heightened or diminished to that point whereby both Universes will become our "NON-MANIFESTATIONS OF ANOTHER MANIFESTATION. Though right now are MAINFESTATIONS OF ANOTHER'S MANIFESTATION-a non-NON-CREATION-if we may."Indeed we should be also alive and kicking, but like the wind couldn't tell the differences between from where it's coming and where it's going.                                                                                                                Mind mixes things together- as were originally meant. For without this 'mixing together' of things, then like a space-station, it will find itself being too light to gather and hold thoughts apart and together.Literally it becomes a floating-object( like those in Space).To ones mental faculty both an illusion and Reality/RELATIVITY(and  META-RELATIVITY):Dreaming and Waking States( and Delta-Sleep)- one way or the other, at least to some extent, are indeed real. Mind needn't make-up(construe) or cast-aside( dispute) any one of these. An Illusion has no true eye for seeing Reality, nor Reality a fake eye for seeing the illusionary. In fact, Reality cannot create of and unto itself a ( non-relative-)illusion- or else same Reality no real(relative-)thing at best!                                                                                                                                                                      Time touches us all. Time itself is of a Reality, must be of this Reality( with or without a form), or else Time could have never been brought into existance- no matter the amounts of powerful forces to even windy-blow  thereabout.For not everything came out of, or was created by the GODHEAD-plus!It's the page upon which Mind records our conscious and non-conscious thoughts- no matter, again as to how these thoughts are themselves the less likely to ever change. Without Time-energy( as without air/water) we couldn't report us "being alive."Dry the well and you miss what? So too is Time a change of pace ( we are now getting to enjoy) and strain from one Universe unto the other. Stop perceiving it as is and you too might get a rare glimpse into what  NON-TIME is to MULT.UNI.Why this very Time to raise up a mountain and find it difficult to lift a feather. For of course, NON-TIME being less a content of SIN.UNI, might also become greater than- hence HEART- and MIND-MEDITATION, the solitude had therefrom.Non-Time a push-force, Time a pull-force, outside and inside SIN.UNI respectively.Re-create same within and really you move aside those things without or to possess Time-energy: more or less!                                                                                                                  01/06/01          MIND tells us that there's a (MULTIPLE-) UNIVERSE that's "boldly out there-" expanding in every direction; however so slowly today- as they say!True enough. But take Mind( Hubble and the pictures)out of equation and what do we get- not something like a "bright light in the tunnel"with near-death-experiences?And though some folks would prefer not seperate such experiences themselves from functions of brain- as brain is brain( al least for them)- what brain thinks or becomes conscious about is brain too- and if so we then ask what if brain no brain- not so a slave of its own consciousness, would any near-death-experience be brain's;is SOUL-ILLUMINATION an aspect of brain, is hunger, is thirst, and not eventually becomes part of brain's itinerary the moment been fetched, had, attained?Could BRAIN-CHEMICALS create "coolest brilliance" of a thousand suns: of no withins-withouts, no withouts-withins, no fronts, no backs, no lefts, no rights; only to be returned unto itself without the slightest measure of growth(....this aught then occure only in the Heart-CHANKA, thus a JEWEL OF THE HEART being formed over time), amnesia, or irregularity? Cities in the hundreds would fail with such a radiancy as SOUL-ILLUMINATION, much more for SELF-REALIZATION-when an entire World-Cycle but fails a mere second longer!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   "...Verily, there exists here no purifier equal to WISDOM.He who is perfected by YOGA finds it in himself by himself....".....BHAGAVAD GITA                                                                                                                                                                                            Mind also tells us of a SIN.UNI. in which things live, grow, and die. Hardy indeed!.Cause don't forget that it "has" MIND, LIFE, SOUL-YOU, NON-SOUL,and the SPIRIT-SOUL of ULTIMATE TRUTH/BEAUTY:- MULT.UNI. none of either. For were the "MULTI" to lack power of Expansion,(1) a grand collection of stars, fake and true ones there'ld be within yonder firmament- which really aint that far-fetched, to the ample planets and suns respectively. (2)New and old stars would then occupy an area fit for one star- billions of  old stars( in their billions of SPACE-ENERGY- to force-fields, remember-) to one SPACE-ENERGY. How they be thus packed? Surley not as beads on a string( as probably is now), but beads in beads in beads ad infinitum. Were  SIN.UNI a tall sky-scraper seeking new tenents, then each new star-body should fall within their rightful places( likely the first going East, the second going West, the third going North, the forth going South, the fifth above these four, and so on) That in each apartment, there's a star abiding.But no-expansion , WORLD-CYCLE after WORLD-CYCLE , no fresh  TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM will then be formed, as new-stars bound collide with the old-stars already therein, and mankinds progress would generally remain an impossibility.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (3) And what of a daily cascade of Time-energy from META-RELATIVITY to this RELATIVITY? Doesn't it end in the latter, should it not, or like any thing of a GOOD-CONTINUATION, haps even like diesel exhaust anew continue onwards in some manner else, or unlike its previous origin and shape?We do know that Time is as cageless as the wind, and therefore how we're explaining it aughtn't trouble the reader that UNIVERSAL-EXPANSION is an actual effect of spent time-energy or fuel.Put another way: where does excessive energy of TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM end up- is it into BLACK-HOLES?- what therefore is Time- in the truest sense? Nothing seems as strong and as realistic as Time. Not even sun-shine. Though sunlight best reflects Time: as something always on the go.More mental( the Mind can run out of) than physical( we cannot see nor feel it) an energy-flow this thing called"Time."                                                                                                                                                                                                                             OUR senses strive hard to perceive it and yet do not- they tell us that Time aids our aging process, mocks at us, makes us old and grey, henceforth the most unliked and misunderstood of Realities. Albeit is Time a treasure awaiting discovery. Not a sun-beam but the sun- it suggests. Gain beyond Time itself and you gain its PRIMAL SOURCE of LIFE, LIGHT, and HAPPINESS- that's Eternity!Fortune, Health, Power and Knowledge do stride ambitiously in its wake- this Dawn of an ETERNAL DAY!Yet we die- to leave the fourfold behind-although Yoga instructs us not and never to ever  see the sights of Death; we know not how this is possible, and scorn the possibilities of ever not 'seeing Death!' Why?And it's because no MEDITATOR'S PRISM( i.e. the Lotus Position), no way to transform Time into any one of these and more- as pure white-light  to prism but a spectrum of colours- just to hint at a cause. We literally are no longer meditating Soul-yous- to realize sooner that Time's purely a mental-effect on the physical, as mental an effect as NON-TIME or ANTI-TIME( think of Time as a river and you are simply heading upward to meet the sea of NON-TIME). A MENTAL-effect- that's commercially pragmatic for Mind. Time to Mind is like night to World, as Yoga is to Meditation, as SOUL-YOU to the SPIRIT-SOUL-you just can't have (perfect, comprehend, express)one without the other. Mix salt in water and you only get salt-water: nothing more, nothing less. With Yoga, certain powers of Breath are evoked,or will arise to swoon the faint-hearted, to slowly glide heart's contentment( that contented Soul-you) unto unknown phases of Purity- which no amount of Knowledge reveals- like moment before spark and dynamite of a conscious dynamics. Hence RAJA YOGA and HATHA-YOGA(to name but two).For "swooning "before the Power of the Concentrated Breath is like a race and no winner. You simply cannot befool or decieve its "bearings," and therefore its very own sacred trust into not only keeping itself all-pure, but make the Aspirant therein.Withstood and blended-in, then HEART-CHANKA(i.e. the SPIRIT-SOUL OF LIFE AND LIGHT:DHARMIC!) is soon revealled in a cupful, spoonful each and every time  Inner-Knowledge is entered into and feed ones thirst.                                                                                                                                                            16/06/01    A jar that's full will deny another's fullness( and even emptiness).In DEEP SLEEP, us Time fulls up for waking to empty. TIME, CHI,WEI are essential C.N.G.'s to body's tank and Chanks. Our mental-ness- while worthy at times- needs be slowed to a stillness at other times, for Time-etc. to enter through and renew ourselves day by day.An active mind a self-destructive tantrum. Blame not Time nor the Gods for ones "winter of discontent."                                                                                                                                         It's largely  mental in outlook, because it reaches down into our SIN.UNI. as an energy-non-flow that may seem mental to ones mental-ness, or Telepathic to ones Telepathy( than physical, than psychological, or of the dreaded "MIND-CONTROL");what we basically do take as instincts to the physical-body(i.e. the Psychological), the aforementioned can behave in such a respect. That to consider TIME(-energy) an instincitive side of Telepathy is to actually take the nest-building-instinct of a bird, to expect all or most birds( anywhere through-out Universe) to be nest-builders. The Telepathic( of HEART-MEDITATION) CAN lead to the goal instincitive of it, cause  there's this expection of and from aspects beyond Mind- to achieve this end- even before Mind actually ever gets to employ or be so fashioned as of the CONCENTRATED BREATH. Hence the likelihood that the novice swooning, or being pointed-out as possessing deep-seated desires, unfinished habits, impure intents. In short is he locked out and not let -in.                                                                                                                                 The TELEPATHIC'S instincitive-goal is to the HEART'S inmost HALL OF LIFE( is of Life) AND LIGHT( IS of Light- hence unto the SPIRIT-SOUL Of BEAUTY/TRUTH/DHARMA)- without which body ceases to function.In fact, might we add, that so improvised is this Spirit-Soul; so instructive, so constructive, so hidden; that related-knowledge of It is this world lacks. But did you know that SPIRIT-SOUL's the first to incarnate and inhabit the body- and for years mimic , control and operate this body as if It was the SOUL-YOU doing same?Long before ones present incarnation or "claims" to the form and proof of which( all this time being "built-up, created, or amassed") is a Psyche thereof- think an adult-Psyche to have had earlier developed in the womb?- then think again!!
18/06/01 Then the Telepatic(i.e. BREATH- AND MENTAL-CONTROL, TELEPATHY to some extent) is somewhat an ability to oneself to leave one state/status of existence and reach or attain an exact or higher  state/status it( the Telepathic) was orginally meant to unfold , bring about. Were SUN  at any given day to successfully eat-up either of MERCURY, VENUS, EARTH, MOON, ETC.- SUCH WAS  later meant to, programmed, intended of it or else could never- in a billion life-times- achieve same. Thus the Telepathic is either for or against the "WILL"- you just cannot like that "will" the ULTIMATE TRUTH/BEAUTY(i.e. the SPIRIT/SOUL OF LIFE AND LIGHT-not even NAME, FORM,KNOWLEDGE) into existence; no more than "bent time with ones mind"- but as a Telepathic and Dharmic( SPITIT/SOUL is of Dharma too!)- NON-SOUL then all things loose their limitations and mundane meanings; not as if were destoryed, mind you, but like fresh buds opening themselves lovely unto a new day and for the first time in unfoldment, flower-form, status, state of existence- thus another meaning of GOOD CONTINUATION- least we propose.                                                                                                   Prior the"putting together" of SINGLE UNIVERSE( single as in blowing up one balloon with one mouth" or waterfall a simple cascade), there's this location(a vast desert of 3-graded golden-sands/dust-particles) called the" BIRTH-PLACE OF TIME"( and its opposite nemensis the" GRAVE-YARD OF TIME/SPACE")- of details we'll not yet get into. Only to say that "THREE STEPS TOOK HE". Moving fron the BIRTH-PLACE to the TIMELESS/SPACELESS(i.e. of META-RELATIVITY), THENCE unto or before the SUPREME GLOW OF ETERNITY THE NON-CREATION.These real STATES OF EXISTENCES. At Dawning of BRAHMA'S DAY( WORLD CYCLE AT CLOSURE) this Shiva ceases to exist as well as LORD BRAHMA THE UNIMANIFEST. Why 'unimanifest?'Is because like us you can't have a dream, a BRAHA'S DREAM, without GETTING to sleep, and deeper the sleep so darker and formless seems  the inmost dreamer . Save only BRAHMAN/KRISHNA BUT remains and then too is dissolved( disappears into another type of embodiment that's more advanced than the Cosmic!). How so we wouldn't say just now. Since a few charts(drawings) aught better suffice and this page really cannot provide.As SOUL-YOU  goes from incarnation to discarnation to incarnation again(till its final LIBERATION from CYCLE OF REBIRTH)- so does the ABSOLUTE BRAHMA moves from BRAHMAN/KRISHNA to THE ABSOLUTE BRAHMA to THE BRAHMAN/KRISHNA once again(till?).                                                                                                                                                                                                            "...THE foolish regard Me as the unmanifested coming in manifestation, knowing not My higher, immutable, unsurpassed Nature. I am not manifested to all, veiled (as I am) by Illusion...." Says BHAGAVAD GITA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 In BRAHMA'S NIGHT( no sense mentioning something if it can't be explained), the LORD SHIVA comes awake ( as person in guise of a "DREAM'S MATE") BUT INSTEAD of going outside  like us to play etc., the SHIVA goes into YOGA,to  meditate, AND becomes the PSYCHIC PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD . The LORD SHIVA can then take up any less-than-psychic a form, while still is the PSYCHIC PERSONALITY.tHE SHIVA aims for that most distant NON-CREATION of ETERNITY, or place in which to meditate and be of tranquil objectives.A NON-CREATION is unlike Creation- since the former cannot be created, wasn't created by GODHEAD, cannot be "MADE MANIFEST" nor "BE DISSOLVED."Imagine it not as night follows day- of varying cycles- but a PARALLEL STATE(SEEMING SIDE BY SIDE) IN GOOD CONTINUATION.As you would run an engine and so gain heat- Creation the latter. And even the term "Creation"an improper figure of speech, to lend ones thoughts. Cause much of Cosmos is re-cyclic in the first place. Much of the BRAHMA-ABSOULTE is not only quite inscrutable but non-reversible and reserved too!Finest curd of milk goes to make finest cake of cheese- could process not expect be 'reserved' for superior(not inferior) materials?                                                                                                                                                                    20/060/01    Think of a NON-CREATION as a GOOD CONTINUATION that's without a Beginning and without an Ending. Or a time-warp-hole in the sky- only T.W.H. is trillions of light-years afar. Or again instead of ocean "controlling" whirlpool, it's the other way around. Since in many respects is Time being sustained( for the hour) and sustains not itself and once fact of self-existence a no-no, then Time or such sustained, dependent-things must one day come to an end. Cause as much as you'ld try to retard a thing nearing its comatose( lethargic) or demise, it becomes an effort soon in vain.Why LORD SHIVA? The SHIVA  is no other than the one localized ASPECT/ATTRIBUTE of the LORD BRAHMA as in EXTERNAL OPERANCY AND that such as Meditation does come first for the Yogic-minded.                                                                                                                                                           SO does the LORD BRAHMA THE UNMANIFEST exists? We will "not" answer this question in stating that at the tender age of eighteen we cautiously began to tranverse "PATH OF VEDIC SCIENCE;" WITH MEDITATION, YOGA, DEVOTION,RENUNCIATION ETC., and before the age of twenty-three had gained both "SELF-ILLUMINATION" (which we prefer term "SOUL-ILLUMINATION") and SELF-REALIZATION(for this led us to learn too  and beyond the Mysteries of the BRAHMAN/KRISHNA)- imagine your understanding of the Brahma not only as a friend to friend, MASTER to Student, but as well as a you-seed going into a BRAHMIC-tree- a spiritual twosome at that and you just may understand the Transcendental Level, what could go on and how better are we to detail and describe such on-goings in a clear and intellectual fashion. Not that we pride ourselves recklessly. For to know the NON-CREATION, ETERNITY, and not have gotten in, and still having to live to tell- is really no joy that's self-conscious. Nor has the BRAHMA; cause a truer and most sacred a provincial virtue yet awaits. The BRAHMA makes not mistakes. Meaning of Life?That WORLD-CYCLE got still a few matured and ready-to-advance SOUL-beings(not necessarily on this Earth) to form together: enlightened and liberated. Transcending WORLD-CYCLE is no easy task, more the trouble's with our selfish personalities( which we usually deem to be so unchangeable) tHAN with YOGA and MEDITATION: KNOWELDGE and IGNORANCE.                                                                                                                                                   Within each  WORLD-CYCLE  a "reaping" and "ripening" of SOUL-beings do take place, that yours might be of this , next WOR-CYC. or two. It shouldn't matter unduly which is it. WORLD-CYCLES come and go. The extent to wherefore were we able to determine but three kinds of NON-CREATIONS or ETERNAL-CREATIONS-if we can- that're ETERNITY, INFINITY, and SAMADHI/NIRVANA- free from the pleasures and pains(and everything else... the P.A.P.A.) of WOR.CYCLES. A rare eclipse on somewhat otherwise sunny days is a WOR.CYC.. aND DID YOU KNOW that Life started on first solar-eclipse, that with each new, future eclipse, sundry Life forms first-time appear on earth and not in a primordial-soup? THough don't go off and think it this way, cause then planet Earth was hardly spinning a top then is of now.Many with Astronomy 'll concede that earth come out of bowels of the Sun, but have never quite figured-out if Earth, like the Sun, had single or multiple life-bodies then.Resembling something as two molten-glass-masses stuck or linked to each other( as with a pair of dumb-bells)- was sun and earth; that later on, at Closure of GOLDEN AGE, Life on the Sun began to walk on earth: as if from one continent to the other, one country to another- before a great "seperation" of these both planets came about. What cause such a 'seperation', we'll keep to ourselves.Since Nature as we all do know is but a shrewd copy-artist.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Just naming and numbering the many NON-CREATIONS in GOOD CONTINUATION MAY seem most unfair an exchange - to our READERS- that is. Still to go into details deep could also be unfair on our behalf- for then, where lies the interest in our later works? Are not infants brest-fed before choicest fish or mutton? And while the Reader could well delude himself/herself "to knowing more," not necessarily "to believing more"( which really matters us little);  what are we compelled to report upon soever the NON-CREATION( shall any other term best suffice? and do recall "temporal are human words") is that were they not around, then CREATION, MANIFESTATION, WORLD-CYCLE too could not been brought into existence( with such a massive budget of toils and pains); whether as something that's real or illusionary.                                                                                                                                             Eternity's no "paradise full of gods, demi-gods and human-bodies; of no castles,mansions, and orchards; of no shapes, sizes , and forms. It's inconceivable to the finest or crudest of discriptions. Just as you cannot imagine motherhood, fatherhood, even being in a coma, were you not an entrant into either of these- however close the possibility - and they are simply" next-door!" Then what of this  most sacred of secrets! Off whose GOOD CONTINUATION we get "the flow of Time" therefrom? Think CREATOR( to us the BRAHMA/SPIRIT) created Time( WITH bare hands-) or for that matter our so-called "ETERNITY"? Though the several charts and varibles wherefore? The Endless can only beget or "reflect" or "out-stream( to water ) a something as "endless as Time."But "Time the ENDLESS REFLECTION" too comes to an end. So Imagine steam propelling a grand old locomotive, by boiling water. Then both steam and locomotive no original contraption of water, none of which is causing it to boil anyway. And yet Time isn't  the steam but the locomotive! It's been added to or applied: steam creates electricity- it's the latter!                                                                                                                                                Now about the NON-CREATIONS. A NON-CREATION has no physical, no mental, no earth-like aspects in order to describe or picture it. Make no bones of this and still all these and so much more. A NON-CREATION doesn't seek to full  the heart with a thousand joys- all at once!- but one dose of joy for each thousand days- which continues forever. And yet we may be incorrect cause no two NON-CREATIONS are alike. Think two persons are the same, indeed they are! Such as in EXTERNAL OPERANCY( another term we've borrowed from the ANNALS of PSYCHOLOGY). But place the meditating Aspirant(i.e. INTERNAL co-OPERANT, never an INTERNAL OPERANT- that's for SUPREME DEITY or THE "OVERSELF") and the EXTERNAL OPERANT side by side and vast differences become either clearly perceptible or not. Meditation( since we hope YOU do want the knowledge) naturally calls for higher degrees of DISCIPLINE, WISDOM,CONTENTMENT,TOLERANCE, NON-VIOLENCE , DETACHMENT, and so forth. The EXTERNAL OPERANT basically strives to ignore; since he's often less than likely to seek after a sense of near-SELF-PERFECTION, and starting from within! and deep!- hence the LIFE AND LIGHT OF DRAHMA OR SPIRIT/SOUL.                                                                                                                                                                  A NON-CREATION  is lonely yet crowded a type of realm- crowded with blissful, endless joys- hearts never felt! Ours a watered-down version, a discarded, un-sacculent  chicken-bone.Check Time for this. Pure splendors of delights have no nights in which to conceal themselves.And we call ourselves happy!!!!
22/06/01     Thus the SHIVA-ASPECT( the VEDAS' PRIMAL MAN, YOGA'S HIGH PRIEST) of the LORD BRAHMA, the SUPREME ABSOLUTE; an One that's presently, yet solely enjoying and meditating  before ETERNITY'S single-prominence( corona, or earth-shine) emanating "outside" this NON-CREATION. Among other things, ETERNITY( can't offer any better name) remains nearest and first of the NON-CREATIONS to attain and never come out of- hence "Final Liberation," to think of Eternity, then imagine an "unflimmed" projector being on in a darkened cinima( and your shadow thus had thereby, then becomes like the vast space of SINGLE UNIVERSE)- the effect ain't that far-fetched. Consider World's joys sweet, bright, liberating, invorgitating, boundless? That were the Shiva ever to enter into the self-same Eternity, then WORLD-CYCLES would become void of a SHIVA-ASPECT OF LORD BRAHMA'S, a Meditator's Prism- if we may- to gather Single Prominence of Eternity, as were in holograms, and project a TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM.                                                                                                               Now you may ask, why not? Why not enter  "into Eternity," - if you can- and avoid the charade that's World-Cycle, or human-existence, in general? COULD you have the cake and eat it too?- indeed the Shiva  can- and by not venturing into this NON-CREATION, simply because it should be done.Still is the SHIVA an ASPECT of LORD BRAHMA and LORD BRAHMA to the BRAHMAN/KRISHNA OF INFINITY. A NON-CREATION is as to them a hand, foot, mouth...." He moves, yet does not moves...''...THE VEDAS.And what for us humans is too quick a day, will entail the completion of an entire WORLD-CYCLE to be measured as 'quick a day.' Another fact also, is that Yoga a selfless disipline, a "LABOUR of Transcendental Love," seeming a times a sequestered pain in the neck, nontheless is requiring the having of a "pure and noble heart or objective, " which shouldn't become a problem for " those who know."And YOGA means not " the loss of ones everything." You really don't have to turn a begger to attain all or most of its benefits. We are into city-dwellings, if you questioned, and for years now, and been at  "SOUL ILLUMINATION."                                                                                                                     The SHIVA is such that the stars though magnified( seeming largest of heavenly bodies, as fish in water, excluding BLACK-HOLES, of course) and all-brilliant for us mortals, were themselves like dust of pollen, or gold, or sand, or even dust; which till His arrival at Corona of Eternity, had been stuck unto the Shiva, as one would know of deserts, and the BIRTH-PLACE OF TIME. Eternity Prominence cleanly had these impurities removed away from the Shiva, as snow-blower but leaves, crumbs, or snow-flakes- got it?That where this "dust" then settled IS really of a make-shift spacing, area, room; that's between GLOW OF ETERNITY and the "floor/walls" of META-RELATIVITY( i.e. VOID OF TIMELESSNESS/SPACELESSNESS).That once this Shiva( PSYCHIC PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD) to move away from ETE.PROM., then  WORLD-CYCLE will cease exist, there'll be no new stars added to WORLD-CYCLY- to fall through the "floor" of pseudo- RELATIVITY-, and things would be dissolved, not destoryed as persently understood by "WORLD'S DISSOLUTION." We'll speak more on this later.                                                                                                                                        The Student to Meditation is often first taught  to begin a controlling of the Mind( though rightly the senses), then somewhere along his training to place a lit-candle before his line of focus, vision, concentration. With the SHIVA, we found out that lit-candle( i.e. ETE. PROM.) IS at the back( could be placed along side of body which pains, for us too); eyes closed, if seeing then there's the darkest and scarriest State of Timelessness/Spacelessness of a VOID- you'ld ever seen.Why so? Is because, if not the INNER SPARK OF LIFE AND LIGHT( I.E. THE SOUL-you), then are the SEVEN-FOLD CHANKAS themselves to be closer to the back than  at the navel. HEART-MEDITATION takes ones " line of concentration" towards and behind the back and why "light this way." Whereas MIND-MEDITATION concerns the CROWN-CHANKA, a person's ability to withstand its strengths,dispassions, forces and his weaknesses too! Cause did you know that there're directions in which you can attain health-boons, sacred revelations( to the SACRED TREE OF LIFE and the unfolding of an ASTRAL NON-BEING), and earth-energies? Thought you knew-  eh?                                                                                                                                              The SHIVA does not hold this ETER.PROM. all within or mental, but mentally guides same through-out HIMSELF and thus the Status of a PSYCHIC PERSONALITY- that once ( at BIRTH-PLACE OF TIME) most golden and shining-bright- now( at present ETER.PROM) but Psychic-pure, shining  "dharmic" and winter's bright. Since an one to Meditation is to remain as selfless and as thoughtless, and as beingless, and as actionless, and as soundless, and as timeless and as spaceless as possible. Our earth-planet cannot provide us these much. But there're lessons still be learned. SO get to them!                                                                                                                                                  Due to being Himself then and presently " mindful of Yoga and Meditation.... guess you never expected  any ASPECT OF THE  GODHEAD to YOGA and MEDITATE?..., utterly detached, free from the ENERGY and JOY flowing unto and within that self-same ETER.PROM.; is then made to continue outward and onward to a TIMELESS/SPACELESS VOID (or META-RELATIVITY), to meet  a resistence only TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM but lessens. ETER.PROM. is very joyous upon reaching "the SHIVA," AS electricity a light-bulb. It looses this much joyfulness the moment it leaves the now PSYCHIC-PERSONALITY, as a discarded chicken-bone is to us. Hence Time(-ENERGY or ETER.PROM- either way, is the same) no festival for the human-Mind- only a washed-out pair of jeans. An unfair, mendicant kind of mercy. Cause then have no TIME-energy and no Univere there'ld been!                                                                                                                                                                                STill were ETER.PROM.  a direct and continous psychic experience of the human. Then the human-Mind could not succeed( advance unto HALL OF KNOWLEDGE AND LIGHT and achieve KNOWLEDGE OF SELF-REALIZATION), nor fail( YOGA , MEDITATION): PROGRESS nor digress toward physiological-psychological and Transcendental natures. Although some DISCARNATES do attain and inhabit the PSYCHIC-LEVEL,  and for hundred-earth-years. That know they not pain, Ego, sin, or blemish.                                                                                                                             Once it leaves its bottle, does perfume soon loose its sweet-smellings, so too  the ETER.PROM. after the Shiva as a PSYCHIC-energy( of mighty brilliance and flawless emollience) and PSY-energy begins loosing its "flavours" to become the TIME-energy whose entry into any part of SINGLE UNIVERSE as dye from a barrel and down a stream.                                                                                                                                                                            BEcause it has for ages been originating from an endless or eternal fountain-head. Time cannot be trapped, bottled, nor stopped:-  much else inside a particular type of a contiuum- such as CREATION or SINGLE UNIVERSE . IT bound move on. lIKE  the energy from the core of a nuclear-reactor which simultaneously produces both high levels of radiation( repelling-forces) and anti-radiation( attracting-forces). That the latter is whereby it acts as a  centripetal-force or glue, in holding every member of SIN.UNI. together as one spiral-galaxy, per se.                                                                                                         A centrifugal-force: of anti-energy, and anti-gravity, and anti-matter, and anti-TIME-SPACE, and anti-life, and anti-light( indeed is MULTIPLE/WIDER UNIVERSE showing all the classic signs of life and light- our argument's that were neither part and parcle of a " prior SIN.UNI."- OF LIFE AND LIGHT- then none of these galaxies would have same. Our point is still that theirs of an after-light and after-life, etc.- generally having nothing to do with this present T.S.CON. OF LIFE AND LIGHT.A blown-bulb ceases to aglow, theirs a blown-bulb which does seem to glow- though is " off the electricity," much unlike our SIN.UNI., and therefore were they not former 'prior' SINGLE-UNIVERSES, then no light, life, energy, matter etc.; they'ld possess); does become this ( anti-)TIME-energy once continuing itself outward and beyond present TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM.Tending more to repel, to push away feathers further than heavy objects- so unlike a TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM. In that some experiments on weightlessness, do show that a ball of lead and a thing as light as a feather; will nontheless lift-off at the very same instant:- this what we're comparing THE MULTIPLE too.            
26/06/01    Time keeps representing SIN.UNI. as one gigantic free-flowing black light-bulb, or massive black-body, or huge nuclear-reactor of lesser and minor atomic bodies( i.e. stars, suns, planets, moons, etc.)- when seen through the eyes of Multiple Universe. Which in this case will either repel or hold aloft the countless electron-bodies thereabout MULT.UNI.And  it's just a matter of Space-energy doing the rest.BIG BANG too has so-called "missing links" too. Since the latter is fundamentally "atom-free." Of yet atomic designs, shapes, forms,blue-prints and finger-prints.                                                                                                                                              Noting also what  common differences  pertaining the nucleus and electron both. Cause they typically don't share selfsame materials, sizes, building-blocks.So it's natural that were Time a sort of energy- that such an energy-force would not operate side by side( differently)- as magnet to the North- and South-pole of another magnet: attracting/repelling.And did you know that cloud-bursts, lightning, thunder are themselves based on magnetism- some clouds having built-up an attraction, while others gaining repulsion- even in the midst of attracting-ones: thus thunder and lightning- as if clouds were theoretically but " rain-magnets?"- remember gales of wind to jugglling things about twofold orderly and randomly.                                                                                                            Unlike the anti-time-energy of MULT.UNI., where an intransic sense of order prevails between infant, young, old and older galaxies; even while things WORLD-CYCLE are going on. That the latter can also behave as if were of a declining space-time-energy( were aging). Due to TIME-energy being itself a GOOD CONTINUATION.A tranquil, pure, esoteric flow ( as within INSIGHT,CONSCIENCE, DHARMA, CONSCIOUSNESS)- having no clear-cut physio-characteristics in itself.And actually needn't have- when our FATE a TIME-SPACE-MOVIE . A re-run "matrix" WORLD-CYCLY after WORLD-CYCLE. That a NETWON,an EINSTEIN, an EDISON, a DARWIN( especially him) should have had the same " qualitive discoveries" and only its their particular SOUL-yous which would have changed in each and every re-enactment. Nonsense? Some call it a "matrix", deja vu, or a time-warp; where you go back into Time, as if trapped forever to repeat one thing over and over- with little or no changes. True the cycle-Matrix is aimed at one small moment, albeit ours for an entire World-Cycle.Cause as we've already hinted that certain Soul-beings are ready to become enlightened and all-liberated from WORLD-CYCLE itself. Change things randomly to suit the climate and less their Yogic-intents; will surely make no sense at all!                                                                                                                                                                                 OURS to protray "BIG BANG" as something merely exaggerated.What incorrectly says BIG BANG is that something of an outer-ear-situtation then existed- that sound ( or even a faint echo) be heard from an outer sphere; that first there was this vast span of virgin space, before noisy "Condensation" barged its way through.Ours a version of an inner-ear-situtation: whereby stars of SIN.UNI., like sands of hour-glass(like the more you put marbles into a stocking; how "outer" and "lower" it stretches), left one level( that's META-RELATIVITY) for another( that's RELATIVITY). eXISTING inner-ear as a sound but soundless. If sound to represent MASS/ENERGY, as well as LIGHT. Or that SIN.UNI"s like a submarine, built on a premise of there being land, now lost to the wide seas of MULT.UNI., with living populations, of course.BIG BANG explains not pure-space, or time-space inside-outside a balloon( or Expansion). Blow up one and what you'll be doing is an act closely similar to "pure-space" and expansion, with added little trinkets like the stars inside. Why? Big Bang answers not a question of time-space,  and moreso 'pure-space(- none of which existed then- at BEGINNING,EVOLUTION, CREATION, MANIFESTATION, WORLD-CYCLE, BIG-BANG itself)'. With BIG BANG there must been some type of a space, or area, or room; in which to get iteslf going: before or after( BIG BANG). With Vedic Philosophy on "Beginning" of WORLD-CYCLE, then nothing of room, or space was there- as that in blowing-up  the interiors of a  balloon- void to both light and darkness. So-called "Space" had to be fetched, created,squeezed through, invented "out of nothing." The NOTHINGNESS OF TIMELESSNESS/SPACELESSNESS and the sheer delight (daylight) of Eternity. ANd even with Creation/mANIFESTATION around, brings not Time-energy to flow freely through the nearby "State of Nothingness"  afar but downward- hence 'fell through the flooring', unto a pseudo-RELATIVITY(as a ball off the wall).Thus Momentum and NON-MOMENTA " existing" side by side- if momentarily.                                                                                                                       29/06/01   Lets re-visit our SPACE-ENERGY abit further. Pearls in clams simply do not collide- if clams but space-energy in this case, and stars but the pearls.Put simplier clam- or space-energy of Sun the type we humans presently indwell. And not in "Space"-as is pure-space.Space today( as yesterday) rarely exists. In fact, it thinned at edge/lip of SINGLE UNIVERSE. PURE-SPACE is like balloon-material: less bouncy, yet very flexible- when deflated, and more bouncy and to some extent  less flexible- when inflated. To which you'ld have to go out of SIN.UNI. TO attain true- or pure-space/balloon-material. Cause P-SPACE is quite tight and impregnable. Ever exterior-ish, hardly interior-ish. Thus were not a sun a-shining, but lightless Jupiter, then earth would be in-dwelling Jupiter's space-energy at best, and its own at most.                                                                                                                                                             Remember too that clam-with-pearl could define SPACE-ENERGY for visual effect. Many of the finer stars are both within and higher inner-disc of SIN.UNI.. Causing expansion is like some heavy person( we said) who's sitting or lying direct-centre on a water-bed; thereby creating extra-pressures on "rims" of water-bed or  thinner, outer-disc of SIN.UNI.. "Sides" becoming bursting, higher, thicker( to SIN.UNI. but flatter, thinner and boarder: to where as inner-weight causes expansion, like the more you pour hot-frudge on a counter-top)- interiors semi-flat,disc-like, and more densed with ( preson's) drop-pressures, amount of "fine stars" themselves, and complete weigh of inner-disc in middle of outer-disc. Thus inner-disc the heavier of the two (in theory) expansion counter-acts its weightiness and stresses on outer-disc. Our Sun been placed in outer-disc. Suns are neither planets nor stars.                                                                                                                                           Each galaxy therein MULTIPLE UNIVERSE is like the ghost of its former self.Or moreso the human mummy whose internal organs ( i.e. sun, earth, Mars, Jupiter, etc.) been removed- in a continuation of  forth-coming WORLD-CYCLE. And such mummification of a TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM( and why we've gone at great lengths in providing details) an ancient and timeless process. Been going on for WORLD-CYCLEs, for so long that MULT.UNI. itself  appears ageless, beginningless, and endless. So utterly endless its " pseudo-immortality." Having then returned around( to surround) SIN.UNI., as pool thick with fish. That Man's instinct-to-destroy is purely of his own doings, thinking that the GODHEAD, the BRAHMA/SPIRIT, does the same. Quite untrue this notion, and poor-notion of his.                                                                                                                                                
02/07/01   Such mummified ghost-galaxies- if we may perceive them, as those "keeping as if were of the real Mocrocosm." Being least of time-space-materials- like decaying body to its past Life-force. And because earth and the rest of Cosmos ain't part and parcel of greater Macrocosm, Wider Universe, or our assumed MULTIPLE UNIVERSE,would  have suddenly ceased abscounding fron each other, especially likes of SIN.UNI. That it begs no explaination. That now stretched for what's Time-energy for us, is anti-Time-energy with them; the "day( or night)" World-Cycle goes "into A Closure." Till next WORLD CYCLE, and then are they "re-activated" as revived horses a-speeding. Seeing that a fresh influx of time-energy is reaching through a brand-new CREATION, MANIFESTATION, or SINGLE UNIVERSE; to provide then their continious source of anti-Time-energy. To which our TIME-SPACE-CONTIUUM will become the Andromeda- with yet slight traces of TIME-SPACE- as were a nail just yesterday was magnetized.                                                                                                                      All ghost- or pseudo-galaxies ( often the term " pseudo" is used by us not to mean only a thing to the human-senses to be fictitious, but that which at another sphere, level, place where the material " sees" the immaterial though cannot enter in the latter, is co-existing yet unlike our thoughts or ones existence of non-pseudo or real things....) One simply gazes at no ghost within himself. Exterior to and there could be but a few, and outside SIN.UNI. the manifold, the countless.                                                                                       04/07/01         Older the ghost, the heavier it moves, not just because of any weariness on its behalf- a phenomenon strange? Hardly ever. Older galaxies themselves are generally too heavy with much anti-gravity or becomes extremely light for air-motion of same. Meaning that " same" easily passes through them, as to not effect " push," as to wind: a difference between heavy and light curtains. If too heavy, then said 'push-effect' is like wind to a rock. In general, their space-energy has attained more "galaxy" and less " space-" turtles to jelly-fish(?), and the former is usually a weighing-in-more.                                                                                          A third situtation, we could include and define, is maybe an actual lost of this so-called space-energy( over world-cycles....for remember our period of a world-cycle is but a day to them)- causing these to want merge together at times, even begin attracting each other( as far as over thousands light-years), as iron-filing to strong magnet. A sort of natural selection might take place; not the type with birds, insects,deserts; but one of a birds-to-a-feather kind of attraction. Cause light is energy, they say, and magnetism another brand of  an energy.If a galaxy was the heart then SP-ENERGY the body's outer skin-layer.And sp-energy normally keeps younger ones afloat,bouyant, mobile. A loss of which, over many world-cycles, would leave such( older) galaxies very, very vulnerable, and volatile for capturing and destorying each other.Thus their "breaking up"  also- whether ever so slowly, it's difficult to certainly pin-point. But that they do meet is sure. Two crackers or cookies a-clashing. Remembering too that other nearby galaxies' own sp-energy will re-act as anyone "slipping and sliding"  over a large rubber-ball, add more balls to equation.Till they ground each other like rubble to fine sand. The eventual gases and dust-masses aught move to a final outcome.The well-known "PILLERS OF CREATION" could be a result of an assumed " elephant's grave-yard." Of a compromised, de-barked, lacking-in-SPACE-ENERGY(which mind you is same within and without SIN.UNI.)- you find that the older galaxies, those near their dissolutions or demises, do ( on and off their own volition) begin seeknig, heading towards such PILLERS- there are more than one, per se- to start this rarest race/journey and " universal metamorphosis:" where the old becomes " re-borned" in an entity that's ever anew, seeming new, is always being renewed. And what can be expected of such " pillers of Universe"when time comes for their "departures?" Note how large termite-mounds " grow" on Africian-plains, or gigantic cactuses in Amercian, and Mexician deserts. They rather compliment the scenery but seldom alters it. So that next-W.C., then Astronomers would think them as " PILLERS OF CREATION." Here's to offer another outside-theory-shot on a delicate yet exciting a subject as Astronomy.                                                                          If one knows of elephants going to an ancient grave-yard; then tell us. For this " duty" been discarded as nothing but friction. Our use of the story was just to paint a picture of galatic-clash-trash getting into to form or grow such "pillers of creation" over the world-cycles. Because of WIDER UNIVERSE, without its galaxies, 'pillers', interstellar gas- and dust-masses, and you'll find that it's relatively that spacious, clear, and quite clean. Howbeit and enormously uncanny the fact that as bio-residue so sinks to the bottom of still pond, our place in WIDER UNIVERSE might typicify  just that. To which  UNIVERSE has learned to bath and cleanse itself-like the ocean- by concentrating its trash, and sorting same- in " inter-galatic bins." Or that " birth of stars" could also be a " re-birth" of said stars. Though BIG BANG tells otherwise.               
07/07/01   Break a priceless vase and it's simply gone forever. Two ( old) galaxies into colliding with each other are as well as two leaves being ripped to piecies. They really cannot be put back together again! When said " collision" been completed, galatic-fragments or -waste aught remain, examples such as " Horsehead Nebula in Orion," to further a recycle of "broken" or "torn-up" galaxies. Nonsense too, you say?                                                                                 And speaking of speeding horses. Ours a Cosmos that's racing around a cosmic-race-track ( or inner-disc of MILKY WAY).Science puts the cycles to seven. How the figure, we don't know. And again why we can't seem to locate another planet-Earth( or Cosmos) with life-forms thereupon. When like points on eight-pointed star or spokes to a wheel, each Cosmos been so fixed in measure, and distence, and speed. That the tomorrow's position we're  to soon reach, some other Cosmos is already there or will be attaining ours- of todays.                                                                                                            Past World-Cycle has it that what is now taken as the planet Earth, was once the planet Mars. And vice-versa- that this present Earth a soon-to-become, or was then the "resting planet" or "planet at Closure"- as is Mars today. So too was/is a similar relationship extending between both Sun and Jupiter: moon and Phobos of Jupiter- to which the suggestion is that this particular luna-rock were over-mined by highly technical and heedless beings( such as in man's future?).                                                                                                 World-Cycle-back/future-history is very, very hard to unfold, reveal, rationalize- especially if you are thinking " in this present one." The trick's to try and throw ( put) ones mind/ thought outside present  WORLD CYCLE, bring back the dead to life and yet not merge but juggle these as if were two worlds themselves: lit and unlit ones. Go from planet to planet- ours took to the span of over twenty years, lots of arguments with ourselves, lots of questions, meditations, fastings and hungry and sleepy nights( you'ld need sleep much) on an empty stomach, bring up third or forth past-WOR.CYC. ( we got on the "forth"), for whatsoever you lovingly read this minute. A Knowledge as this comes not cheap, or without its sacrifices and moreso straight vedic-objectives. All theorizations must be considered- so why not ours?                                                                                                         Of Jupiter, we quote,"...Jupiter's size has let some astronomers to wonder( an any-go-term, for us) whether this giant body is a dead or almost dead star that the sun captured inti orbit. Jupiter's composition tends to support this idea, since the two most prominent constituents of its mass are hydrogen and helium. These elements are abundantly in stars, but almost absent in the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, which were certainly not original stars...                                                                    ...Moreover, Jupiter emits into space almost three times as much energy as it receives from the sun. This suggests that under the outer layers of frozen hydrogen and helium is a core of a dying star that is still producing surplus energy by the thermonuclear process characteristic of stars...."   Compare these thoughts with ours for a moment or two.                                                                                                                         To put an-one-way Creation ( or even Evloution) within a WOR.CYC. and not "ulitize" what's already "inheritent"( for Cosmos); WORLD-CYCLE after WORLD-CYCLE- bound come like having discarded the wheat with the chaff; each time process is repeated. Granted too that both EVOLUTION and CREATION must have their utmost strong points to be argued upon.Or put into another possibility, could the "natural," could the "Supernatural": explore, achieve, cause-to-appear an one and self-same dream over and over, night after night, time and time again? Since many a dream-aspect is literally" new dream-sequences-to-come" for us mortals.                                                                                                                                                      "...Of the unreal no being there is,/ There is no non-being of the real ./ Of both these is the Truth seen by/ The Seers of the Essence...."                BHAGAVAD GITA ....                                                                                                                                                                                                       Each time the Soul-being( better yet "Discarnate") is about to be incarnated, or attain an earth-Life- however possible that so-called "earth-Life" is going to become.Know  of neutron-bullets in Atomic Theory; that a single one literally "earns" subsequent and individual neutron-bullets threefold? Well let's just say that prior Soul-being's incarnation into earthly, physical form, it too naturally "comes" in three: such as in the SPIRIT/SOUL OF LIFE AND LIGHT, SOUL-YOU the MENTAL(of MIND-CONTROL) and third the GOLDEN-CHILD/MAN OF CROWN-CHANKA.                                                                                                                   11/07/01      Before the possibility in attaining SOUL-ILLUMINATION- a sunamis-wave is always sudden- there's a KUNDALINIC MAN( or what was once the ATMAN, before which LIGHT OF THE ATMA, and seperated Aspiring Yogin- by becoming "merged" as One:the latter comes to be the former) of KUNDALINIC LEVEL. Through YOGAS, MEDITATIONS(there are various approaches),DEVOTIONS, STRICK ASCETICISMS,etc., from depths of Heart-Chanka ones Gestalt of Kundalini( it most important to know about its intents, before setting off- hence Dharma, or right-action) rises and unto Crown-Chanka. That in less than a year, even month-period, a Divine Child can become the Kundalinic Man. Divine Child is ever outside and beyond ones earth-incarnation. Same with a spare battery or tire; untouched by the manifold weatherings, batterrings, whirl-abouts the other "attachments" of motor-car, or Soul-you continiously  endures- as sun from foulest of weathers. Why too is it really and truelly yet impossible to call it a "SOUL," as if were single and not sincerely more than one.                                                     
  12/07/01  But with every incarnation's preview, something totally crude and unexpected; probably most disadvantageous/advantageous will take place. Whereby what was once the "DISCARNATE'S" typical,radient MIND-ESSENCE, soon becomes( should be "became") the HEART-CHANKA'S essential qualities and traits- in the physical-form. And vice-versa:as Mars to Earth( these two do have features more twin-like than Science could admit), Sun to Jupiter. Why much of our past-lives isn't and can't be remembered, especially by ourselves. Thought there's never a cause- eh?Nonetheless such memories(as former "Discarnates/Incarnates") been reserved to the SPIRIT/SOUL OF BEAUTY/TRUTH/ULTIMATE:LIFE/LIGHT/DHARMA! Reasons are that naked we come and naked we go, they say.More to the point, is that both Mind and Heart must require a subsequent moment's rest or pause.They'll soon run out of steam, what usefulness to be had from them, and in a way- to assure that these two are really and truelly developed( or are developing) side-by-side, not one more, or less than the other. Then too, one of these must act as a memory-bank, a safty-net, as a needful means to contain and contend the SOUL-you and SPIRIT-SOUL respectively. Since these two cannot abide, or function as self-same Internal Operants, or External Operants of course.And also, there can only be one ULTIMATE TRUTH!                                                                                                                                                                 "...I am seated in the hearts of all...."....BHAGAVAD GITA....             "...Fixing thy heart in Me, thou shalt, by My grace,                                     cross all difficultities; but if from Egotism...."....BHAGAVAD GITA               3."Thou hast proved mine heart, Thou hast visited me in the night,            Thou has tried me...."....PSALM 17                                                             10."As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness; I shall be              satisifed, when I awake with thy likeness....PSALM 17                                                                                                                                                     And wherefore Heart-Meditation. One has the Knowledge( of ULTIMATE TRUTH and BEAUTY), the other must gently fetch( seek out) same. Even to claim date-of-birth as ones birthday, and not "Water's Day;" is a claim in being "present," when surely was oneself most absent, most AWOL.Read where we spoke of Soul-you as the "mental?" Well there's a place this mental-aspect went, prior its readied incarnation, we've called Quantum-Non-Mundane ( indeed its opposite friend is Quantum-Mundane,or Earth!); thereby to increase its readinesses, abilities, Life-talents for impending earth-Life.Harmonies, lyrics, poems, arts,crafts themselves thereabout float freely through-out here- as if being echoed from the noises of Quantum Mundane- and Soul-you learns to repeat, recall, re-design. This why whenever an individual is asleep, new ideas and concepts descend on him, like a "ton of blocks." The very best here is as the most able of fish!                                                                                                                         Concepts of a second-hand earth, or Jupiter a sun of last WOR.CYC., Law of Rebrith( Reincarnation), the actions and pauses of Mind/Heart, Sun/Jupiter, Earth/Mars- especially some of the things we've not elaborated upon- may not go down well with everyone. Cause for many of us is Creation, Evolution, or Big Bang; a thing unique in itself, a sort of once in a life-time event, not to be ever repeated again. How comforting!Or render us save World as the top-most hard working of human-bodies. At best these are all renewable and role-reversal. Since for quite a Creationist, an Evolutionist and a Big-Bang-ist: whether some mighty God-figure or Evolutionary-process, or Big Bang- and little a Mars/Earth Reversibility- were conspiciously at work on the Wonderous Adams, the prehistoric creatures, and star-births.                                                                                                                                        But what if there's today twin-earth-worlds; ever avoiding our darts and telescopes?- our very bulwark of knowledge , both religious and scientific- and all we've gotten is a mere six-million years to find out.                                                                                                                             We leave the question open. Only to add that to send through space any visual, digital, lazer proof of Man's technological advancements- we hazard the mathematical formula is to beam forth a sun-image now surrounded by nine smaller planetary-images, and not some ugly Atom. Or that prevailing inter-stellar gases are mere sun-soot- coming from tens of suns.                                                                                                                 Two seeds: one kept at hand, the next is planted, watered, given sun-light; earth's an ever expanding mass, if you ask us, once the size of Mars as Mars is presently. Likewise Sun to that of Jupiter. The Neptune/Uranus-connection for good measure. Recheck earth's fossile-records- to which it's the oceans, valcanoes, plate-tectonics; the "constant expanders"to its hugh growth( when compared to Mars) and still growing.                                                                                                                   Even those ancient pyrmid-builders would have pondered upon and "sensed" this likely, yet consistent enlargening(growth) of earth, and must had record such a "measure for measure"- a sapling to  oak-tree; along with some Astronomy, of course. So that:                                                                                                                                                        "...Although we have tried to give a brief introduction to (VEDIC COSMOLOGY), yet yet we realize only too well that no introduction can ever do( IT) justice . To shed light on (IT) is like shedding light on the sun...."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A PRAYER                                                                                                                                                                                                      FROM THE UNREAL, LEAD ME UNTO THE REAL;                               FROM DARKNESS, LEAD ME UNTO THE LIGHT;                                 FROM DEATH, LEAD ME UNTO THE IMMORTAL.
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