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Security Clearance GRANTED

Subject: U.F.O's, Paranormal, The Roswell Incident, and Area 51 CLASSIFIED

HI!, I am Jason, I live in the city of Hillsboro, Oregon. a few years back I was watching one of those shows like hard copy and it had a special on U.F.O.'s, the Roswell Incident, and Area 51. ever since then I was interested in learning more. so I developed this page. here you can find a "compliment" of links to all three of those areas mentioned above. let this page be a good resource to you - Kwjj

Here are some links to U.F.O., Paranormal, Area 51, and Roswell stuff - MORE TO COME

Roswell Information and Links
Area 51 Info and Links
Search Engine Page
Area 51 Chat
U.F.O. Paranormal Links and Info
Area 51 Trip Info-UPDATED
Kwjj Engaged?? Couple pics of them HERE
AD Page
Misc. links to various places
work E-mail
Kwjj Page News
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is this a true U.F.O.????

We are REplanning a TRIP to Area 51 and beyond. if you want to see what we are up to or are actually interested click your mouse HERE!!!

this link is also located above, we just wanted to be more noticed!!

Also, there is a new Area 51 Chat Room HERE!!!

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