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This site is our tribute to Anne Rice and all of her work. We are two Portuguese fans wishing to share our knowledge and our points of view about Anne Rice's books with fans from all over the world, and with everybody who wishes to join us in this adventure throughout the enchanting world of Anne Rice.

She has crafted her characters in such a real way that we can almost feel that we know them and that they are a part of our lives and our dreams. Somehow they inspire us and we are reflected upon them. They make our lives so different, so much better, so much alive. Thank you, Anne Rice for giving the world such amazing stories.

We apologize for any grammar or vocabulary mistakes but English is our second language and we are making a really big effort so that everything is perfect. Anyway, this is the best way for everybody to understand what we are trying to transmit. We'd be grateful if you could help us, by sending an e-mail with your opinion, correcting something and stating what you like or dislike.

We wish not to infringe against either Anne Rice, Knopf, Random House or any other publisher. We hope that no one feels injured or hurt in his or her feelings. This site ought to be seen as a sign of respect and admiration towards Anne Rice and her work.

We just hope that she, all her fans (in which we count ourselves) and everybody else enjoys this site as much as we enjoyed in doing it.



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Born To Darkness
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