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from Sofia, Bulgaria

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I grow and offer elite club dogs of akita-inu race which is known as japan akita, too. There will be small akita dogs for the people, loving this race in 2002.

Aky Denary shimi Atos was born at 16.07.2000 t. n. 0031. The mother - SAGVARHEGII Frida Shimi - kuma was born at 15.11.1997 t.n. 1358. Grower - Istvan Svobodnya from Hungary.Exsellent. . Akiko was born at 16.07.2000 t.n. 0029. Prizes. winer at the junior category, first position and .
Ada was born at 16.07.2000 t. n. 0031 Akiru - Go was born at 16.07.2000 . t. n. 0032. It lives in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Ashi was born at 16.07.2000 t. n. 0030. It lives in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Historical Notes

National Tradition

Where Does Their Name Come From?


Akita is a stout dog. It is longer from its breasts to its tail, than higher from its
shoulders to the ground. Male dogs are usually 66-71 cm high, female dogs are
2.5- 5 cm higher.

How Does It Look?

It is a big, strong, energetic dog, having stout body and heavy bones. It has wide
head, forming a triangle with blunt angle, deep mouth, small eyes and rising ears. Akita
has a splendid typical winding tail balancing its big head.

HACHI - KO - a tall story about loyalty of a famous dog to a man who it loves.

n unusually proud dog having very independent temperament. Often, a very loyal
heart is hidden under the mask of seeming indifference.

The race is acknowledged by FCI, AKC, , GB, .

Information about the parents:

The mother named SAGWARHEGII Frida Shimi - Kuma was born at 15.11.1997 at Siofok, Hungary.
Grower - Istvan Svobodnya, Hungary. Assessment: exellent, CAC. It gave birth to 5 dogs of its first generation - 2 male and 3
female dogs.
The father - was born at 23.08.1997, p. k. 000995, Jeronimo nerod ATOS - Tokay.Grower - Sandor Halko - Hungary. Champion of Bulgaria. Assessment: exellent, CAC,CACIB, BOB.

All of us have favorite stories about dogs and their love and loyalty to their owners.
Maybe the oldest story about akita is a story about Hachi-Ko - the most loyal dog in
the world. Hachi-Ko's owner was a professor in the Tokyo University and his name
was Eysaburo Yeno. Every morning the dog was going with his owner to the rail way station.
Every evening it was waiting for him at the same place. At 21th May 1925 the professor caught the train in the morning, but he didn't come back in the evening. He died at the
University. But his loyal Hachi-Ko kept on going to the station every morning and
waiting for his owner every evening. All the people in Tokyo came there to watch it. The people were taking care for it and bringing it food. In the morning of 7th March 1935, Hachi-Ko was found dead at the same place, where it was waiting for his owner so many years.
Now, there is a bronze sculpture of Hachi-Ko at this place, and it is a favorite place
of loving couples, dog owners and tourists.
People remember Hachi-Ko because of its loyalty to the man it loves.

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