The Orca Ocean
    Below are some marvelous web sites about cetaceans. Please take some time to visit these sites and see what you can do to help whales and dolphins who are threatened by pollution, hunting, humans, and captivity.

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The Orca Recovery Campaign
-- A site with imformation and things you can do to help.

Slave to Entertainment -- A site about the captive orca Tokitae (Lolita) and the effort to free her.

Orca Network -- A site with imformation about orcas and the effort to free Tokitae.

The Whale Museum
-- The site of the museum at Friday Harbour, San Juan Island, Washington.

Orca Home -- A site with a wonderfully done list on captive orcas and beautiful wild orca photography.

Orca Lover's -- A site about captive and wild orcas. -- A site with links to many different orca sites, as well as other topics in other sections.
Orca Sites
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society -- About whales and dolphins and how to help them.

The Dolphin Project
-- A site about Richard O'Barry and his work to send captive dolphins home.

Dolphin Care, UK -- A page based in the UK on dolphins and how to keep them alive and free.

Animal Trek -- A site with information on cetaceans as well as other animals of the world.
Cetacean Sites
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